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Creme d’Nude

Just what is a “Cremesheen” lippie?

A Cremesheen lippie is a Mac lipstick that has it’s own special finish and feel.

You can get an idea of what this lipstick is about when we break up the word “creme sheen”.

Clearly the lipstick is creamy and it has a sheen.

Now it’s not as creamy as say Mac’s Amplified.

And it isn’t as pigmented either.

It does go on smooth and there is a softness to them.

Most of the popular nude shades fall into the Cremesheen finish.

Because of this finish, the wear isn’t going to be particularly long.

So you will need to reapply. The good thing is this finish does not slide around.

Some Cremesheens colors have a “frost” to them.

However it’s subtle and gives more dimensionality and fullness to the finished lip look on the mouth.

If that’s what you’re looking for in a lipstick, then by all means put it on your list.

The permanent range of Mac Cremesheens are as follows:

  1. Lickable: a bright clean blue pink
  2. Sweet &Β Sour: a soft peach cream
  3. Shy Girl: a creamy neutral coral beige
  4. Creme Cup: a light blue pink
  5. Creme in Your Coffee: a creamy mid-tone pink brown
  6. Creme d’Nude: a pale muted peach beige
  7. Speed Dial: a light blue pink
  8. Fanfare: a mid-tone yellow pink
  9. Speak Louder: a clean poppy blue pink
  10. Ravishing: a clean light peachy coral
  11. Crosswires: a clean pinky orange
  12. Hot Gossip: a mid-tone pinky plum
  13. Party Line: a red-toned plum
  14. Hang-up: a deep berry
  15. On Hold: a mid-tone yellow raspberry
  16. Brave Red: a bright yellow red
  17. Saigon Summer: a frosted Β bright orange
  18. Peach Blossom: a frosted cool nude
  19. Shanghai Spice: a frosted neutral pink
  20. Coral Bliss: a frosted light coral
  21. Pink Pearl Pop: a frosted midtonal pink
  22. Sunny Seoul: a frosted light warm pink
  23. Pure Zen: a frosted warm nude
  24. Japanese Maple: a frosted light beige
  25. Dare You: a deep brown red
  26. Modesty: a muted neutral pink

What’s your fav Cremesheen?

~Duchess of Lipstick

Some popular Cremesheen Classics.
Some popular Cremesheen Classics.

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