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This lippie is hot.

I’ve haven’t seen a post getting so much love on my IG (well I have but not in a while).

So is it the pink or the neon that makes it hot?

Well there are plenty of pinks out there but I think not enough neons.

And this wears perfectly well.

It’s bright but not garishly bright that you feel like a pink powder puff.

Stila describes this as a Coral Pink. It looks very Pink-Red to me.

It is perfect on all skin tones…

Imagine it on tan skin, dark skin and olive skin…

This liquid lipstick is part of the Stila Summer 2015 collection.

If you love neon pink-red and liquid lipstick then I would check this one out.

Neon pink-red liquid lipstick.
Neon pink-red liquid lipstick.

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