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The one to watch.
Lip Creme in 06 Desire
Lip Creme in 06 Desire

Milani Cosmetics made it’s entry into the liquid lipstick market with it’s recent Limited Edition collection called the Amore Matte Lip Cremes. 

The collection has 8 liquid lipsticks: 8 Limited Edition in OG formula (original liquid).

  • 01 Crush: warm brick brown
  • 02 Adore: pink nude
  • 03 Beloved: brown rose
  • 04 Lust: cool rose
  • 05 Embrace: deep reddish plum
  • 06 Desire: bright red
  • 07 Romance: deep red
  • 08 Flirt: deep vampy wine

18 New Permanent Shades for 2016 (reformulated* and some listed as vegan)

  • 10 Adorable: pink nude beige (vegan)
  • 11 Precious: cool toned rose (vegan)
  • 12 Loved: nude brown (vegan)
  • 13 Craze: bright coral (vegan)
  • 14 Devotion: deep true red (vegan)
  • 15 Gorgeous: raspberry wine (vegan)
  • 16 Sweetheart: bright fuchsia (vegan)
  • 17 Fancy: hot magenta (vegan)
  • 18 Obsession: true plum (vegan)
  • 19 Covet: vampy brown (vegan)
  • 20 Sugar: vampy oxblood red
  • 21 Flame: orange red
  • 22 Amore: bright cherry red
  • 23 Babe: warm peony pink
  • 24 Cherish: bright coral pink
  • 25 Allure: warm rose
  • 26 Fling: lavender mauve
  • 27 Fascination: royal purple

*Reformulated: no longer liquidy but creamy. Some shades are patchy/streaky with cracking.

The one to get.

I bought one on a whim and I’m so glad I did.
Luckily I did manage to obtain the rest of the collection.

Milani Amore Matte Liquid Creme Lipstick
The ideal liquid lipstick.

This is what liquid lipstick is supposed to be. 

What is it supposed to be? It’s supposed to leave an evenly pigmented, velvety finish that makes your lips appear fuller and like velvet basically. It’s not supposed to emphasize lines or make lips look painfully dry. You should be able to move your lips around comfortably without the color cracking. The formula should have a pleasant scent. Scent plays an important role here. It makes for nicer application instead of a non-scented or unmasked chemical smell (of course this is my personal preference but the most popular lipsticks in the world are Mac and they are a perfectly-scented vanilla). You should have adequate coverage with 1-swipe. It should not transfer, bleed or feel sticky.

Pretty high standards for liquid lipstick you have there Duchess! Yup and I think Milani has gotten pretty close. There are a few exceptions to the line. Like 08 Flirt goes on extremely streaky and uneven. 03 Beloved feels a tad bit drying. Of course all pigments are not created the same nor do they function the same in a suspended liquid either. But if Milani considers making this line permanent especially since it sold out so quickly online, then I’m certain not only will they improve it (make your voices heard in a polite way on social media, they do listen), I could imagine them rolling out new colors in seasonal limited edition collections. It’ll be a hit or miss I’m sure with certain colors. Granted there are always some that are tricky to work with. Otherwise the line is super-accessible. Meaning you can walk into your local drugstore and pick it up instead of trekking out to a speciality store like Sephora. Now that doesn’t negate the problem of distribution. Because that is a factor that affects availability and that not all drugstore counters are stocked or run the same way. Some just don’t believe in featuring any new collections while others get them a month after the release. My suggestion is to find stores that are further out from dense urban areas as those displays usually get wiped out first. Otherwise you’ll have to order it online and currently most of the shades (not all) are out-of-stock. I assume that they will re-stock soon.

The other factor in all of this is price. So why am I saying this is the one to watch? Well, they are offering a drugstore liquid lipstick that performs nearly as good or even better than the hyped-up $20 ones at higher end stores like Sephora, Ulta and Macy’s —for under $10! The price at Walgreens (which these are exclusive to) is $6.99 however the online price is at $8.99. Either way it is still a bargain steal! With more and more liquid lipstick lines coming out and already-established lines are rolling out in what seems a never-ending color selection, paying under $10 for a liquid lipstick sounds sweet. Plus you can mix these and create other colors yourself. I posted a sample mix on my Instagram (@theLipstickDuchess). I think this line is a win-win for beauty lovers and liquid lippie addicts-at-heart.

FORMULA: True liquid; sweetly scented; opaque; saturated; dries quickly.

BRUSH: Soft double-sided; somewhat stiff brush that holds good amount of color for 1-swipe coverage

FINISH: Velvety smooth, makes lips appear fuller with exception of colors that feel slightly drying (Beloved) or are streaky (Flirt).

WEAR: Long-wearing; however eating greasy food will break it down; Some flaking on inner lip with the more intense colors however not detrimental as this can happen as the color is exposed to the moist inner lining of the mouth.

INGREDIENTS: Most of Milani’s products are Vegan. This one appears to be as Synthetic Beeswax is listed as an ingredient so I’m going to assume that it is. They usually have a symbol on their product though. I will investigate further. They are cruelty-free and do not test on animals.

CONTROVERSY: There is no actor, celebrity, YouTube sensation, supermodel face, cult of personality or reality tv star attached to the Milani brand, nor is there any drama associated with the brand. 

PRODUCTS: are made in the USA with a net weight of 0.21 oz/6g of product.

COLORS: released in this collection mimic the current trending and popular colors in other lines.

The double-sided brush is loaded for 1-swipe coverage.
The double-sided brush is loaded for 1-swipe coverage.

So for now Milani’s star is shining bright in the liquid lipstick heavens tonight.
Until the next new line of liquid lippies come out. And I’m anxious to see what Mac’s got to offer.

Be on the lookout for Part 2 to this series!


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