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Soft lilac.
KVD Requiem: a Soft Lilac.

Kat von D Beauty has been a Sephora exclusive since 2008. The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick line expanded their range with new colors this past July.

The collection has 28 liquid lipsticks with 16 new colors (marked with an asterisk* and boldface type):

  • Nobel: petal pink nude*
  • Bow N Arrow: fawn nude*
  • Lovesick: mauve nude•
  • Requiem: soft lilac•
  • Melancholia: rose blush*
  • Lolita: chestnut rose
  • Mother: dusty mauve pink*
  • Berlin: warm rose
  • Beloved: soft coral*
  • Double Dare: cocoa blush*
  • Jeffree: hot pink
  • Armageddon: carnation pink
  • Backstage Bambi: vivid hot pink
  • A-Go-Go: bright orange-red
  • Santa Sangre: poison apple*
  • Outlaw: brick red
  • Underage Red: bright crimson
  • Nosferatu: blood crimson*
  • Bacherlorette: dark reddish fuchsia
  • Bauhau5: deep raspberry
  • Vampira: deep reddish burgundy
  • Exorcism: ripe blackberry*
  • Damned: black cherry*
  • L.U.V.: rich violet
  • Susperia: bright lavender*
  • Ayesha: rich lavender*
  • Echo: satin navy blue*
  • Witches: pitch black*

The collection has always been noted for being a fusion of edginess, rock ‘n’ roll, Hollywood and brilliant tattoo art. My first ever Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick color was Backstage Bambi. At that time there weren’t as many colors like hers out on the market just yet. She had the Foiled Liquid Lipsticks too which were discontinued and lucky persons would later find them at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s significantly discounted (I found two). It was and is the line where you could go to find cool and uniquely-named colors.

Swatches of new colors (not all).
Swatches of some new colors.

I had mentioned that it was the one that got better. Even though I had started to get into KVD lippies back in 2013, I wasn’t quite smitten yet. Those earlier formulas felt incredibly drying and they just didn’t wear well on my lips. It wasn’t until I had purchased the L.U.V. liquid lipstick that it got me to explore more. It was finally something that went on, dried quickly, was highly pigmented, felt and looked velvety and lasted incredibly long.

There were some hits and misses. Like Vampira which would go on splotchy for me and just took too long to dry down. And A-Go-Go which for the life me, if I layered it on, it would make look worse and extremely dry. The new colors that were released though I can say that it has improved much and I wouldn’t hesitate in getting more to update my collection.

With the narrowness of the tube, the doe-foot applicator does not come out packed with enough pigment for 1-swipe coverage. So I do have to dip in to complete the application. With this formula however, there is no need to layer although if you do, the stuff will not crumble on your lips. I’ve experienced no flaking or cracking on these colors. I wore Bow N Arrow for 6 hours straight with eating and still was surprised to find I had lip color on my lips and that it looked ok.

I haven’t yet gone in the way of mixing KVD’s lippies as the colors are wonderful in and of themselves. But I do have swatch posts on my Instagram (@theLipstickDuchess) and Pinterest (The Lipstick Duchess) in case you need to drool. This line is worth exploring even though it costs $20 which is the standard price for a high-range liquid lipstick. The price has been steadily increasing on liquid lipsticks and I definitely and sadly foresee that we will be seeing increases on these liquid lipsticks (and many others in that range) by next year. Hey I remember when earlier this year, they were $19. And oddly enough if you go to the site, her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are still listed as costing $19! Of course that price tag alone does make completing a collection challenging as it does start to add up significantly.

This line is fairly accessible. Meaning you can waltz into your Sephora which may or may not be a trek for you and pick up a tube provided they’re not sold out on the color you want. That being said you can order online as well and they have restocked colors although the popular shade Lolita had been out for a while being wiped out at the store and online and suffered through some terrible formulations resulting in differing shades. As of this posting, it is available for purchase online at Sephora.

FORMULA: Liquid Cream; un-scented (it would have been fab if these were scented); full-coverage; dries quickly.

BRUSH: Soft angled doe-foot applicator; because of the narrowness of the tube and the shape of applicator creates a concentration of product on the tip, so you will have to dip twice or more to cover your lips.

FINISH: Velvety smooth, matte. No stickiness when pressing lips together. You may feel a few hours later that dry feeling especially if you don’t wear a lot of matte lipsticks. It’s almost like one has to train lips to endure that finish. But these newer colors feel good and they have Vitamin E and sunflower seed in them, so that helps. The line claims 24-Hour Wear however I wouldn’t want to have it on my lips for that long.

WEAR: Very long wearing! I have never experienced flaking or feathering with these lippies. Only uncomfortable dryness in the earlier versions of the formula and longer drying times on certain colors (again older formulas). TRANSFER: If you rub it hard enough you’ll get some transfer.

INGREDIENTS: All of KVD’s products are Vegan and paraben-free. They are cruelty-free and do not test on animals.

CONTROVERSY: The brand was created by celebrity tattoo artist, Kat von D. The only controversy her brand has been embroiled in is the naming of her lipsticks. Most notably “Celebutard” which erupted in controversy back in 2012 so much so that Sephora pulled it off their shelves. And to the most recent controversial naming this year of “Underage Red”, which is still sold and had been on the market for a least a year before it had drawn the ire of a shopper who had tweeted about it. Even one of the newest colors was changed pre-release from “Rosemary’s Baby” to “Double Dare”.

Makeup product names can be a touchy subject for some consumers so if that’s an issue for you by all means you the consumer have the right not to spend money on products you don’t believe in and there are always several other products on the market that may work for you both name-wise and quality-wise.

PRODUCTS: are made in Italy with a net weight of 0.22 oz/6.6mL of product.

COLORS: released in the original line set trends for other companies to follow. The additional 16 new colors (and a repromote: Bow N Arrow) have expanded that same concept with even more unique colors however there are several dupes to colors that pre-existed in other lines. (For example: “Witches” which is a black liquid lipstick).

Doe-Foot Applicator
KVD Bow N Arrow: Doe-Foot Applicator

So for now Kat von D’s new schtuff is pretty hot and worthy of cult-status.
And one can always dream of the next set of colors she’s whipping up!



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