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ABH Pure Hollywood Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH Cosmetics) entered into the liquid lipstick market this year with an astoundingly huge, hyped-up glam entry of ultra-pigmented hues. ABH Cosmetics had built it’s reputation and successful makeup business with their brow products and subsequent special edition eyeshadow palettes.

The introductory collection features 20 liquid lipsticks that were launched on January 7th. There were 2 Limited Edition colors that were released around springtime. An additional 10 colors were released for their  fall collection. And another color was spotted for an upcoming release around September-October called Naked: a peach beige.
That’s 33 35 42 colors in total!

  • Baby Pink: warm light pink
  • Carina: red-toned hot pink/intense watermelon
  • Lovely: soft mid tone rose pink
  • Milkshake: light baby pink nude/milk with a hint of peach
  • Sad Girl: rich metallic plum/metallic black cherry
  • Neon Coral: bright true orange
  • Bambi: bright blue-toned light pink
  • Retro Coral: bright pinky coral
  • Bloodline: deeper red
  • Vintage: royal purple/rich vibrant berry/deep orchid
  • Vamp: deep brown red/deep burgundy
  • Sweet Talker: watermelon pink
  • Spicy: red orange/paprika red
  • Persimmon: reddish coral/blood orange
  • Party Pink: vivid blue pink/hot pink
  • Electric Coral: intense coral/tangerine
  • American Doll: classic retro red/classic blue red
  • Potion: deep eggplant/deepest plum/deep aubergine
  • Heathers: deep brick red/brownish oxblood
  • Pure Hollywood: nude beige pink/pale mauve nude
  • Craft: sparkly plum/sangria (LE)
  • Unicorn: luminescent lavender (LE)
  • Blush: bright, pomegranate pink
  • Paint: metallic admiral blue/super-slick, metallic cobalt blue (LE)
  • Midnight: true onyx black/opaque black  (LE)
  • Sarafine: sultry, Spanish red/deep blue red
  • Sorbet: milky, cantaloupe hue/pastel peach (LE)
  • Sugar Plum: rich, berry pink/iridescent berry
  • Trust Issues: soft, mulberry hue
  • Sepia: dark greige/dark yellow taupe
  • Veronica: warm brown/taupe mauve
  • Dusty Rose: nude mauve/mauve pink
  • Catnip: deep pink/soft plum
  • Soft Lilac: medium pink/pale violet (lighter version of Catnip)
  • Dolce: muted coral
  • Naked: light peachy nude
  • Stripped: neutral beige nude
  • Crush: soft beige (lighter Dusty Rose)
  • Ashton: midtone yellow brown
  • Kathryn: brown berry
  • Madison: vibrant plum magenta
  • Rio: blue-toned hot pink

*(LE) – indicates limited edition.
Text after “/” = indicates descriptions via Sephora and ABH which are all across the board.

THE hyped-up liquid lipstick.

This line of liquid lipstick gets a lot of hype on social media especially if you hang out in the Instagram realm and YouTube. Thanks to social media, the product has sold very well with many colors on a constant sold-out status it seems. The current price tag for these beauties are $20 however I foresee that going up. I hope though not anytime soon as Anastasia has released a flurry of colors this year alone as if to play catch-up to the trending colors in other successful and popular liquid lipstick lines. With that price (and if it should increase), the beauty collector may find it challenging to add the originals to their collection along with newly released colors. Plus the other factor which I will expand in a separate post is “longevity”. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on product that may dry up if not used within it’s recommended usage period which on the package is 6 months.
ABH Cosmetics also released an extensive collection of luxury Lip Glosses as well that retail for $16. While this post is solely focusing on the Liquid Lipsticks, I will review their Lip Glosses in a future post.

ABH Bambi Liquid Lipstick
ULTRA-saturated liquid lipstick.

A color selection to die for.
Opaque Coverage.

I own many of the shades and have found them to be nice liquid lipsticks. They have “luxe” packaging even though it’s hard plastic with mixed metallic accents. They are not necessarily my go-to’s when it comes to liquid lipstick however. Although I do adore many of the colors, you can mix them, add lip gloss on top and look fab in general. The creamier texture is pleasant to apply but the finish on some colors makes it feel heavy (and sticky) and not as lightweight as the other liquid lipsticks I’ve reviewed thus far. Admittedly the color selection makes you want them all and there’s always that giddy excitement of opening up a fresh tube of a new color.

Update: they reformulated their lipsticks with their fall collection. I’m still trying that out. On the couple of colors, it feels matte and less heavy so I will post my thoughts later on this post.

As for accessibility, ABH needs improvement on that. They are exclusively sold on the Anastasia Beverly Hills web site, and select Macy’s Impulse stores. Those are the Sephora-style makeup oasis where you can walk up to the products and test them. Most of the time, product displays are wiped clean. Even though some locations that I’ve spoken to do receive weekly shipments, there are certain colors that are chronically out-of-stock. The full line isn’t even available on ABH’s site either. For example, the uber-popular Vintage shade is never available.

FORMULA: Creamy liquid. On some colors almost watery. The new formulation is creamy but not as watery. Original release has a faint scent of wine. The Fall Collection has a similar scent however it is not as strong. You’ll probably notice a familiarity as some foundations have this type of “wine” aroma.

BRUSH: a generously-sized angled doe-foot applicator makes application a quick 1-swipe. However there is no stopper and that leaves for a messy top every time you open it.  

FINISH: Dry matte. Some colors still feel tacky even after setting.

WEAR: These are long-wearing, of course it all depends on the color. Some colors perform phenomenally better than others do. For example, I wore ABH Bloodline for 7 hours. I had a pasta dinner and still had color on my lips with the exception of the center of my lips. I was able to apply more product with no flaking or cracking. I noticed though by the end of that time a tiny amount of bleeding around the corners of my mouth. Of course I didn’t do any touch-up after reapplying the first time around and naturally the oils in my skin were doing it’s job of breaking down the makeup. Regardless of the minutia, the lipstick performed astoundingly well.

On the other hand, for example, ABH Unicorn settled into my lip lines making it look not as dry matte as the ABH Bloodline. It also felt heavier and tackier on my lips.

TRANSFER: Not transfer-proof. If you rub it with your finger, some color will come off. You will need an oil-based remover to completely take it off at the end of the day.

INGREDIENTS: ABH Liquid Lipsticks are cruelty-free. However they are not vegan. Beeswax and Petrolatum are listed in their ingredients.

CONTROVERSY: the brand does not have any controversy that revolves around an individual however this brand has controversy when it comes to shipping, web site performance, possible repackaging, customer service and highly retouched images showcased on it’s Instagram. 

Shipping: my issue is with the terrible packaging it comes in. Most companies will wrap their products in tissue or bubble wrap to ensure that product does not get damaged. When I ordered twice from the ABH site directly this is is what I got: a box that books are used to ship in. Luckily my items only got jostled around with no resulting damage.

ABH Shipping
ABH Shipping “Box”

Web Site Performance: when the Fall Collection released, the site was ill-prepared to handle the influx. Many users complained on the ABH Instagram although there was no definitive response by ABH during that launch (that I’m aware of).

Possible Repackaging: that was an odd issue that came up briefly and was squashed immediately. A big IG account known for it’s profanity and blocking (the account has since shut down) had posted the phone number of Norvina, daughter of Anastasia, and claimed that the products were just repackaged HotMakeup Professional Kiss Me More Lip Creams. The colors look similar however I would say that it a false claim. Not only that but Norvina’s IG account was supposedly hacked.

Customer Service: I haven’t had any issues with my products so I haven’t had to deal with CS. However there are many who have reported the lack of and having to pay shipping on returns.

Retouched Images: that’s a given in cosmetics photography however there were some over-the-top retouched lip swatches that devoided the model of any vestiges of humanity like pores, hairs and wrinkles commonly found in humans.

It was founded by Romanian esthetician Anastasia Soare who moved to LA and opened up salons that developed a celebrity following. Her daughter Norvina who is president, promotes, tests and models the lipsticks on her Instagram.

PRODUCTS: are made in USA with a net weight of 0.11 oz/3.2g of product.

COLORS: released in the original line offered new brights, a metallic and copycat colors from pre-existing lines. The Fall 2015 collection came out with very dark fall-esque colors (and couple of pretty brights) that mimic current trending colors.

ABH Blush and Milkshake

Even though there are plenty of mixed reviews, it is a guarantee that people will continue to watch the ever-expanding line.
Let’s hope they work out the issues and let your voices be heard!



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