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Dose of Colors (DOC) is an independent makeup company that is primarily marketed via Instagram and found at beauty shows such as IMATS. The brand uses Instagrammers as well as YouTubers with huge followings to hype up it’s product which also includes lipsticks and lip glosses (which they were known for prior to expanding the line with liquid lipsticks), highlighters and lashes. The line was founded by a makeup artist named Anna.

The line started off with 5 liquid lipsticks. They added another lippie based off of their popular Berry Me shade called Berry Me 2. Additionally, 3 colors were released in April. The 3 colors (Stone, Sand, Brick) were sold as a set at IMATS before their online release. Due to demand, the company made them available individually for a brief time. You can get Stone in their Matte Lipstick Bundle set.  They also released a Limited Edition liquid lipstick called Black Rose. There are 2 additional colors that were recently released called Truffle and Coral Crush.

The collection totals at 12 20 liquid lipsticks.

The website offers no details on the colors. So I will do my best to describe them here.

  • Kiss of Fire: bright pink red
  • Pinky Promise: hot pink
  • Purple Rain: grape purple
  • Berry Me: muted plum
  • Berry Me 2: mid-tone raspberry
  • Merlot: deep pink-red
  • Black Rose: blackened red
  • Sand: yellow beige
  • Stone: dusty pink beige
  • Brick: warm brown-red
  • Truffle: dusty mauve rose
  • Coral Crush: bright mid-tone coral
  • Bare with Me: peach nude
  • Chocolate Wasted: true brown
  • Cork: midtone yellow brown
  • Desert Suede: griege
  • Mood: dark plum
  • Teddy: metallic deep brown red (LE sold in Dare to Dazzle Trio set)
  • Scarlet Lace: metallic deep red (LE sold in Dare to Dazzle Trio set)
  • Corset: metallic deep berry red (LE sold in Dare to Dazzle Trio set)

This is one of those independent makeup lines that you wouldn’t really know about unless you were hooked into the makeup grapevine. Namely the social media makeup grapevine. The company has a couple of slogans that give you an idea of what it’s going for: “Join the COLOR REVOLUTION” and “Discover Your Inner Beauty at”. The line was created by a makeup artist named Anna Petrosian who if you do happen to follow her on Instagram keeps company with Anastasia of ABH Cosmetics.

Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick

You will get a ‘dose of colors’ when you try these liquid lipsticks. They are very pigmented. Some colors leave quite the stain. The allure of these lippies are in how well they look in a photograph as they are heavily hyped on social media. You wouldn’t really know anything about these lippies if you didn’t follow makeup social media. It’s really for those who are “in-the-know”. While they look good in photos, in real life, some colors just do not differentiate much from themselves. Even the swatches on the website are not exact.

I own pretty much all of the shades with the exception of the newly released colors and I’m debating on those since they look like colors I already have. Some shades dry down to a satin finish that feels tacky. Other colors appear matte after I apply them but still feel tacky when I press my lips together. On the LE Black Rose shade which is very beautiful, I’ve had to layer it to get it to look like the swatch promo. It still looks nice with 1-layer but if you want the darker look you have to add more. The last set I purchased, the only color that for me performed the best was Stone and it was the only one that I wanted. They are fun to have tho and you can mix them. I think everyone likes unique, pigmented liquid lipsticks. They are a good vegan alternative to other lines on the market even with those issues.

Accessibility is low since it is an internet-only brand unless you happen to be at a makeup/trade show and can purchase them there or at Naimie’s Beauty Center in California and Rickey’s in NYC. They retail for $18.00. You do get a lot of more product in the tube than in other brands.

FORMULA: Pigmented liquid. You’ll notice a pleasant cupcake scent. 

BRUSH: a different doe-foot. The brush is big and it resembles a ballerina’s foot. On one of my tubes tho the brush was defective. There’s enough product on there for 1-swipe coverage however if you want to achieve a deeper color, you can and will need to layer like on the Black Rose about 2 layers is best, anymore and it will crack in the center.

FINISH: Satin/matte depending on color and a slight tacky feel.

WEAR: These are long-wearing however avoid greasy food. Due to the high pigmentation, some colors will leave a stain.

TRANSFER: Not transfer-proof. If you rub it with your finger, color comes off as it never really dries down. I posted a pic on my Instagram showing the transfer. 

INGREDIENTS: Dose of Colors is Cruelty-free, Gluten-free, Paraben-free and Vegan.

CONTROVERSY: the brand does not have any controversy associated with it at present. 

Web Site Pet Peeves: their online site needs to be more robust and dynamic. Not all of the products have updated ingredients list and I don’t see it as very secure which always makes me leary of shopping indy brands.

PRODUCTS: are made in USA with a net weight of 0.16 oz/4.5g of product.

COLORS: released offered unique bright shades however some colors look similar with slight differences such as Merlot/Kiss of Fire and Berry Me/Berry Me2. Check out my Insta for details and reviews on those colors.

Dose of Colors Purple Rain

If you’re looking for a vegan option with pigmented, unique shades, then check this indy brand out.



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