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Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is an independent makeup company started by Jeffree Star in 2014. The celebrity had built up considerable amount of hype and excitement about the line through his Instagram account in videos “from the lab” prior to the launch.

The line launched with a 3 liquid lipsticks bundle set with the colors: Redrum, I’m Royalty and Prom Queen during the holidays and quickly expanded with several other colors during the course of the year. The color 714 was supposed to be Limited Edition however due to overwhelming demand, it was made permanent. The most recent color releases are Posh Spice, Blow Pony and a newly reformulated Celebrity Skin 2.0.

The collection totals 16 liquid lipsticks and there’s more on the way. There’s chatter about a white liquid lipstick (perfect for mixing), a “Masochist” shade, and one called “Adrogyny” to be released during the holidays.

From the website, the color descriptions are listed below.

The collection totals 16 30 33 liquid lipsticks.

  1. Redrum: cool-toned red
  2. I’m Royalty: royal purple
  3. Prom Queen: Barbie pink
  4. Unicorn Blood: dark rusty red
  5. Queen Supreme: neon pastel pink
  6. 714: peachy coral
  7. I’m Nude: nude tan
  8. Celebrity Skin: beige (original)
  9. Celebrity Skin 2.0: soft brown
  10. Weirdo: blackest black
  11. Anna Nicole: orangey-red
  12. Jawbreaker: blue
  13. Blue Velvet: deep blue
  14. Abused: navy blue
  15. Posh Spice: griege taupe
  16. Blow Pony: pastel neon lavender
  17. Androgyny: plum mauve
  18. Masochist: crushed berries on ice/cool-toned dark pink
  19. Mannequin: cool-toned I’m Nude’s darker sister
  20. Gemini: terra-cotta warm-toned nude
  21. Scorpio: grey purple
  22. Dominatrix: chocolate brown
  23. Dirty Money: muted greyish green/color of cold hard $$$
  24. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: jewel-toned blue-green
  25. Doll Parts: soft cool-toned pink
  26. Rose Matter: soft neutral coral
  27. Rich Blood: (no description on site)/iridescent deep red
  28. Drug Lord: matte white
  29. Hoe Hoe Hoe: deep red with purple/red shimmer (LE Holiday 2015)
  30. Queen Bee: yellow
  31. Nude Beach: pale peach
  32. Virginity: lavender nude
  33. Watermelon Soda: neon coral

This is a fairly new makeup brand. It’s gained it’s fame via Instagram and through the image of it’s founder, Jeffree Star. The line has expanded considerably and there are lipsticks, eyeshadows and highlighters in the works.

Jeffree Star Anna Nicole Liquid Lipstick
“Smile. Ready for your Close-Up?”

When this line launched, I did not jump on the bandwagon. I still haven’t fully (as in getting all the colors). I may one day however I’ve selected a few colors as they’ve come out to experience and try. The first color I purchased was Celebrity Skin. I decided to try that as it was a very hyped-up nude color at the time of it’s release. Unfortunately the color did not wear well on me. In the picture above, you can see the flaking. Interestingly enough, the formula was spoken of as being basically super-fab however this color has been re-released in a newly formulated formula. I have issue with that in basically that if something was so fab why change it? Because it wasn’t fab in the first place. Of course, perhaps your batch of Celebrity Skin was formulated better than mine, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt there but it wasn’t a good first impression.

Even though I was bummed about that one, I decided to get Anna Nicole. I thought it was a lovely tribute lippie to Anna Nicole herself. The promo images made it look fab. When I got it tho, it didn’t look as a fab but rather flat. Took a while for me to warm up to it tho and I got the “diva” vibe now by adding gloss to it.

When the trio of blue liquid lipsticks was released, I decided to get them. Those performed much better with my fav being Abused. My most recent acquisition was Blow Pony and that was finally I think what Celebrity Skin should have been for me – fab. It is basically Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn in liquid form. It is very pretty and I got a compliment while wearing it out in my hood where (if you follow me on Instagram) nobody wears makeup but amazingly all the cosmetics products get sold out. Go figure.

Accessibility is low since it is an internet-only brand (with certain shades usually out-of-stock) unless you can go to a makeup/trade show where they are vending. They retail for $18.00. The packaging is similar to Dose of Colors that utilizes the same shorter and fatter tube than a tall or slim tube like ABH or KVD.

FORMULA: Pigmented liquid. There is no scent. Personally I wish there was! 

BRUSH: a different doe-foot. The brush is big and it resembles a ballerina’s foot just like the one on Dose of Colors.

FINISH: Velour matte. No tacky feel. I experienced flaking on original Celebrity Skin.

WEAR: These are long-wearing however avoid greasy food.

TRANSFER: Not transfer-proof. If you rub it hard enough with your finger, some color will come off. Company claims they are “kiss-proof” however I’ve haven’t tested that out yet 🙂

INGREDIENTS: Jeffree Star is Cruelty-free and Vegan.

CONTROVERSY: is associated with the celebrity personality of Jeffree Star who started the brand. The brand is centered and created by him so it is a reflection of his flamboyant style. He is a singer, mua, designer and model from Orange County, California who started his career on MySpace. There is a love/hate quality about him. Being a polarizing figure, there are two camps who adore the guy whiles others who have been blocked (for whatever reason) on his Instagram media accounts don’t like him. He was formerly associated with Doe Deere of Lime Crime Cosmetics where he promoted the products however parted ways to start his own line. Another controversy was over the naming of one of his lipsticks namely “Abused”. Many voiced their distaste for the name being that the color of the lipstick looks like bruised skin.

Web Site: their online site has greatly improved with a more robust and dynamic interface being an internet-only brand, however there are some kinks that need to be worked out.

Shipping: the last one I ordered (Blow Pony) came really fast. The other orders tho didn’t and it was the only brand that if I wasn’t home I’d have to go to USPS to pick-it up. I guess for some this measure of security is good so that packages don’t get stolen however if the box was smaller (like Lime Crime’s) it could easily have fit in my mailbox and I could have saved a trip to the post office [my mini rant of the day]…

PRODUCTS: are made in USA with a net weight of 0.19 oz/5.6mL of product.

COLORS: releases unique colors with some interesting takes on classic colors such as red (Redrum), black (Weirdo) and pink (Prom Queen). The names are really interesting, unique and catchy.

Jeffree Star Blow Pony Liquid Lipstick

If you’re looking for vegan liquid lipstick with serious attitude,
JS might be just what you need.



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