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liquidlipsticks is an online store that sells a variety of products. They have nail decorations, polishes, tool and equipment. As well as makeup, jewelry, watches, clothing, toys and computer products and they offer free shipping worldwide.

Me Now Liquid Lipsticks

Born Pretty sent me 3 lip colors to review.
They are called the “Me Now Generation II Long-Lasting Lip Glosses”. On their site, it is listed as a ‘waterproof matte velvet long lasting lip pencil’. They are neither glosses nor pencils but liquid lipsticks so they should change that! They come in numbered options for probably the lowest price I have ever seen on a liquid lipstick: $2.29! They come in a style of tube that looks like a test tube. Sephora has been seen using the same shape tube on their new “Oil Infusion Color & Care” products.

The product has a net weight of 4.4g/0.155 oz. They even have expiration dates on the label as well.

Me Now Liquid Lipsticks
So how do they perform?

They go on fully pigmented with 1-swipe. The finish is velvety and smooth. They are scented with an artificial candy scent which isn’t something I particularly care for. There’s only so much product on the tip of the angled doe-foot applicator so you have to dip in to complete the application. All you need is 1-layer! It is pigmented and long-wearing. Even my M.A.C. makeup wipe remover was struggling to take it off. This product will fade a bit in the center if you eat greasy food. They are literally transfer-proof and water-proof. Having a cup of coffee and there’s nothing on the cup. Full color’s still on my lips.

The first color I tried was the red. I love red, so I had to try this first. #34 has glitter in it. You can see the glitter on the lips which looks very pretty. The finish looked very even and velvety though and did not settle into lines however this color never fully dried down, so my lips still felt tacky.

Me Now Liquid Lipsticks #34

The second color I tried was the pink. The #25 is actually my favorite out of the bunch. It dried down to a velvety matte finish with no tackiness or stickiness. I did not want to take it off for the next color but had too. I highly recommend this color!

Me Now Liquid Lipstick #25
The third color was the nude. #26 dried down ok however the corners of my lips felt a wee bit sticky. It’s a pretty peachy nude that reminds me of Lime Crime’s Bleached! I’m still wearing this color as of this post. It’s very long-lasting, and a steal in terms of price to try different colors. I had no adverse reactions to any of the products.

Me Now Liquid Lipsticks

There are several swatches posted under the product in this link so you can find the shade you like along with video reviews. I also received a pretty brush set and will update this review with my thoughts on those.

Purple Brush Set
In the meantime, you can get 10% off your order on the entire site using my code: AN1H10!
The folks over at Born Pretty were so kind to send these products and offer this code but not only that, if there are 10 orders or more using my code, they will be doing a free giveaway which I will be hosting on my Instagram!

So check them out by clicking on the image below!

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