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NYX Liquid Suede and Sephora Cream Lip Stains

As promised, I am posting an addendum to the Liquid Lipsticks The Series which includes:
the Sephora Cream Lip Stains and the new NYX Liquid Suedes.

The Sephora collection has 14 Cream Lip Stains:

  • 01 Always Red: matte classic red
  • 02 Peach Tart: pale peach
  • 03 Strawberry Kissed: bright pinky red
  • 04 Coral Crush: coral
  • 05 Infinite Rose: satin golden peach
  • 06 Pink Souffle: warm pink
  • 07 Cherry Blossom: deep pink
  • 08 Whipped Blush: bright pink
  • 09 Watermelon Slice: bright coral pink
  • 10 Mandarin Muse: bright deep orange
  • 12 African Violet: violet pink
  • 13 Marvelous Mauve: dusty mauve
  • 14 Blackberry Sorbet: deep berry red
  • 15 Polished Purple: dark metallic purple

The NYX collection has 12 24 Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks:

  • Life’s A Beach: bright coral
  • Tea & Cookies: muted tea rose pink
  • Pink Lust: hot pink
  • Kitten Heels: bright red
  • Cherry Skies: deep wine red
  • Vintage: plum with mauve undertone
  • Orange County: orange
  • Sway: lavender
  • Amethyst: deep neon purple
  • Sandstorm: true nude
  • Soft-Spoken: mauve nude
  • Stone Fox: deep grey with blue undertone
  • Foiled Again: bright peachy orange
  • Little Denim Dress: bright sky blue
  • Jet Set: deep navy blue with purple
  • Foul Mouth: navy black
  • Respect the Pink: light fuchsia with blue
  • Run the World: bright violet with pink undertones
  • Subversive Socialite: wine purple
  • Oh, Put It On: deep purple
  • Club Hopper: brown with reddish undertone
  • Brooklyn Thorn: deep brown with purple undetones
  • Downtown Beauty: walnut brown
  • Alien: black
THE cheaper “liquid LIPSTICK” alternatives.

Both brands do not market their products as actual liquid lipsticks but rather as “cream lipsticks” and “cream lip stains”. They are not true liquid lipsticks however they can achieve the matte lip look effect you would get from a liquid lipstick.

Marvelous Mauve Lip Stain – Sephora
more colors for your dollar.

The Sephora Cream Lip Stains have gained popularity quickly over the past year and half as a cheaper alternative to the high-end liquid lipsticks being promoted on social media. They used to be $13 and now retail for $14 demonstrating the trend of rising cosmetics pricing which we are seeing and will see more of in the coming year. Several colors have become “holy grail”, “must-have” colors such as “Marvelous Mauve” and “Always Red” with the darker colors such as “Blackberry Sorbet” and “Polished Purple” trending as well. Many of the mid-range shades bear striking resemblance to trendy colors offered in other lines. Those popular shades have been chronically out-of-stock both online and in-stores. So if you’re lucky to see them in-person, get them. As of this posting, all colors are in-stock online.

The NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks are a new entry into the market. What differentiates them from their other products in the line-up or even on the market? Well, it’s somewhat confusing, with reviews all across the board. I only purchased one color to try and found out -what many did before me- is that the product does not dry down completely. Which leaves for an extremely tacky feel on the lips that some say offers moisturization to the lips. However a liquid lipstick doesn’t have to be tacky to be better for your lips. I found the product to transfer as well. And when the hours wore on, the product just did not look good on the lips. Perhaps you do get what you pay for? The line though is worth exploring as I know from experience some colors will perform better than others. So eventually I hope to update this post if I do acquire more. Shades in this line are dupable meaning they exist in other lines. The only stand-out shade is “Stone Fox”. This line is great for those who don’t want to dish out $20 on a bright lavender (Sway) but want to just spend $7 to try it out and be able to return it if they don’t like it.

Sephora: mousse cream, dries quickly.
NYX: creamy liquid, dries slowly.

Sephora: small doe-foot applicator
NYX: longer doe-foot applicator

Sephora: velvety finish. Dries down well.
NYX: pigmented, some colors are streaky and require second coat.
Feels thick and still wet or tacky/not completely dry.

Sephora: Long-wearing, transfer proof.
NYX: Lasts long, not transfer-proof.

Sephora: not vegan, contains beeswax. Avocado oil for softness.
NYX: cruelty-free, vegan. Olive Oil and Avocado for moisture.

CONTROVERSY: There is no controversy associated with either brands. Although Sephora has been known to drop the ball when it comes to special releases such as the Beauty Insider rewards program. NXY is a chronic “out-of-stock” cosmetics retailer when new products get released.

are made in Italy with a net weight of 0.169 fl oz/5ml of product.
NYX: are made in China with a net weight of 0.13 fl oz/4mL of product.

Both lines have color dupes from previously released trending lipsticks.

Nyx Liquid Suede – Pink Lust

Good alternatives to the ever-increasing market of over-priced liquid lipsticks!


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