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Love Mark Expert Color Lip Cube Moisture – MMX #112

I was sent lippies for review from
I’ve been working through each lippie slowly as I’ve been battling a nasty cold.
Anyway onto the review of the first lippie!

If you’re looking for a unique lipstick, this one is very. Born Pretty offers an endless variety ofΒ uncommon lipstick creations. The tube is a cube shape that appears like a diamond or rhombus-shape as you swivel it up. I didn’t have any problems with application although I obviously wasn’t used to the design. Nevertheless the points helped fill in and define the edges. And as you can see it’s in my most often preferred shade of lipstick color: red. A bright cherry red! What was also really good aboutΒ this- itΒ is unscented- and since the ingredients are food-grade quality, there was no irritation or staining!Β You’ll probably notice that this shade was featured in my “30 Days of Red Lipstick”. It is Number 30 and posted on my Instagram: @TheLipstickDuchess.
PS. Also you’ll probably notice that there’s a misprint on the tube. It should read Expert Color but it’s Expet Color.

Currently they offer 12 color shades and they’re only $1.99!
Use my Offer Code: AN1H10 to save 10%
Born Pretty offers free shipping worldwide.
A perfect stocking stuffer for the budget-conscious!


Disclaimer: Product(s) featured in the post were sent to me for review. My opinions are my own. Using my offer code helps me to continue doing this and not only that but would enable me to host future giveaways in partnership with Born Pretty. Thank you for your support!

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