Born Pretty Lipstick Review – Nuage Rose

Nuage Rose Lipstick

I’m reviewing the second lippie I was sent from <—(You can click on this link for quick access to the product.) 

FullSizeRender copy

Nuage Rose Pure Color Lipstick

This lipstick comes in a pink metallic tube with a gold band. There is print  lettering that says “Nuage Rose” only with no other labels on the packaging. The Born Pretty site calls the product “Pure Color Moist Lip Stick Lubric Waterproof Long Lasting Lip Stick 9 Colors” and describes it as “moist, high quality lip gloss”.

The lipstick color #7 looks like a  pretty “dusty mauve” in the tube. There is no discernible scent and the product is described as being waterproof, to be honest I haven’t tested that out yet.


Item #21429-7

When I tried the color on, I was expecting an opaque medium rose color however what I got was an extremely pretty almost sheer rosy pink. It has become my new fav as it’s the perfect “MLBB” shade!


Number 7

Currently they offer 9 shades and they’re $3.22!
Use my Offer Code: AN1H10 to save 10%
Born Pretty offers free shipping worldwide.
Another stocking stuffer for the budget-conscious!


Disclaimer: Product(s) featured in the post were sent to me for review. My opinions are my own. Using my offer code helps me to continue doing this and not only that but would enable me to host future giveaways in partnership with Born Pretty. Thank you for your support!

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