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“Luminous Moist Lip Gloss Lubric Light Color Luorescence Lipstick”

(Description from website aka. “glo-in-the-dark lipstick”)

I’m reviewing the fourth and final lippie that I was sent for review from <–(You can click on this link for quick access to the product.)

Alex Horse Luorescence Lipstick

This is an incredibly fun and mega bright lipstick. My camera couldn’t take it. It comes in an adorable pink metallic case in an equally cute pink animal print box. There is no scent. I received the fluorescent yellow Number 1 from their 6-piece collection. The other colors are fluorescent oranges and pinks.

Like a Lightsaber!

You can see in the picture above, it’s like I’m holding a lippie Lightsaber! Swoosh!

Yellow lipsticks are always hard to make it work on the lips. They’re usually blotchy and uneven. Upon initial application, the color appeared pigmented and fairly even. Of course on it’s own, I probably wouldn’t wear it except as a topper or in the center on my lips. Especially if I was attending an event where there would be UV lighting to show the glow.

When I took photos of my lips, you could see the unevenness. I’m sure if I worked at lining my lips and using a brush, I could even it out. Overall it is a fun lippie and I’ll play with it again.

Item Number: 21319-1

You can see in the pictures below just how intensely pigmented the color is under UV lighting. This definitely reminds me of my Kryolan pigments! I use those to create glo-in-the-dark lips. Now there are ready-made lipsticks! Pretty convenient. Hope you get the chance to get your hands on this unique lippie. Currently this color is out of stock (not surprising) but numbers 2 and 3 are available at the time of this posting. Can’t wait for Born Pretty to restock!

May the lippie force be with you!

Currently they offer 6 shades and they’re only $3.79! Use my offer code: AN1H10 to save 10%. Born Pretty offers free shipping worldwide 24/7.

Disclaimer: Product(s) featured in the post were sent to me for review. My opinions are my own. Using my offer code helps me to continue doing this and would enable me to host future giveaways in partnership with Born Pretty. Thank you for your support!


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