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Here’s my year-in-review!!
If you missed out on The Lippie Awards 2014 and 2013,
you can visit them here:
I want to preface this list by saying that this year was an incredible year in lipstick history. There were so many releases and many new companies that were making their own trends and hype on social media. The last quarter ended with traditional cosmetics companies (Maybelline, Revlon, etc.) coming out with their own lines of the hottest formula: Liquid Mattes. It was difficult task this year to do the awards list as there were many notables during the year that were sought-after lip colors and the market has become over saturated with liquid lipsticks.

LIPPIE OF THE YEAR: “Stone” by Mac Cosmetics:
Muted Greyish Taupe BrownIMG_9759

About the most popular new Mac Matte to come out since they released their permanent Mattes collection with many new colors. The color is on trend with the Greige lip trend which emerged in 2014. And curiously, the only non-liquid lippie in the awards list this year!

COLOR OF THE YEAR: Pantone Marsala
(featured Lime Crime “Riot”: Red BrownIMG_6663

Pantone selected a great color for 2015 and Lime Crime nailed it in their Riot Velvetine lipstick. The color matches the Pantone swatch. Marsala will continue to influence lippie colors despite the new softer colors of 2016 because it is so wearable.

FINISH OF THE YEAR: Liquid Mattes 

(featured Stila “Patina”: Dusty Rose)IMG_3113

Everybody loves liquid mattes. With many new brands showing up on the lipstick market and traditional cosmetics companies following suit with their interpretations, liquid lipsticks will not be going away anytime soon. However there will be different types: true flat matte, matte glossy, matte pearly, matte shimmer, matte metallic, matte glitter. So get ready! Featured color is another lippie with consistent sold-out basis. Shade made popular because it’s a spin-off of the #kylielip.

TREND OF THE YEAR: 90’s Grunge Lips

(featured Urban Decay “1993” Matte Revolution Lipstick: Matte Medium Brown)

IMG_1400Continuing from 2014’s #kylielips trend, 2015 marked it’s various interpretations of the 90s lips. We saw Mac Whirl, ABH Veronica, JSC Adrogyny and many other releases that brought a modern 21st century style to this 20th century lip trend. The featured color is on consistent sold-out basis on the UD site. Looks like Grunge is here to stay.

LUXURY BRAND OF THE YEAR: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks

(featured ABH “Trust Issues”: Mauvey Dark Brown) IMG_1952.JPG

This new line became an uber-popular brand via social media with new collections causing site crashes. While not in the price point of last year’s Luxury Brand of the Year: NARS, the brand exudes luxury with high-quality, sought-after products and a highly-stylized IG with top MUAs featured.

(featured Milani “Crush”: Warm Brick Brown

IMG_1946A surprise from the drugstore beauty market. Milani emerged with their own liquid lipstick collection at an affordable price point that proved to be a winner in every way. It is the drugstore brand to watch and surprisingly they released their 2016 Amore Mattes collection early online (the day before Christmas).

FAN FAV OF THE YEAR: “Bow ‘n Arrow” by KatvonD:
Fawn Nude

IMG_0918The Greige lip and the #kylielip emerged as leading lip trends in 2014 and continued in 2015 with the much anticipated re-promote of KVD’s “Bow ‘n Arrow”, a sweet fawn nude Everlasting Liquid Lipstick that is always on sold-out status. Her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick collection came out with several new colors that became immediate cult-favorites: Exorcism, Lolita* Lolita II, Double Dare and Nosferatu. *not new but OG.

MOST HYPED LIPPIE:* goes to Jeffree Star Cosmetics. (featured JSC “Blue Velvet”: Royal Matte Blue)IMG_0512

JSC has created fervor in the lipstick world with creative releases. This new brand came out with trendsetting colors and some controversy. The blue trio of lippies solidified the blue lipstick look in 3 liquid matte blues: Blue Velvet, Jawbreaker and Abused. The blue lip was used in a campaign against Anti-Bullying Day this year. *new category this year.


IMG_8012Other notable lippies that deserve an honorable mention are: Dose of Colors “Stone”, “Black Rose” and ABH “Pure Hollywood”. (3 hyped colors on social media but well-worthy of it). IMG_8550Out of the 2 DOC colors, “Stone” performs the best in terms of application and wear. Please note, “Black Rose” is a beautiful color however I had to layer it 3 times to achieve it’s darkness as per IG pics. I included the timeless nood lip which ABH “Pure Hollywood” exudes. IMG_0012

In final conclusion, this list showcases 2015’s popular lip trends, colors and finishes. I hope that you were able to enjoy the colors featured.
Looking forward to 2016.
Happy New Year!
Stay sweet lovelies!
DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased by the Duchess unless otherwise noted.
Please do not use my photos without my permission.
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    1. Oh I’m sorry that you feel that way:( I have followers on my insta who wear many of these colors beautifully with your skin tone. Of course if you’re not into liquid lipstick then there’s always other options to choose from. Happy New Year to you too!

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