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 Olivella Lip Roll-Ons

These are basically the! There have been recent lip treatment releases that are sub-par to the quality and results you get with these. If you love natural, high-quality ingredients, then this is something well worth your time and money.

Olivella is an Italian company with skincare and hair care all centering on the timeless fruit of the olive tree: 100% Italian Virgin Olive Oil. Olives are so beneficial to us both internally and externally, it’s no wonder these roll-ones do a great job of softening lips. Their products are: gentle, pure, natural, free of sulfates, parabens and colorants. VEGAN, cruelty-free, gluten-free and kosher. Natural anti-aging properties and natural antioxidants and dermatologically tested. They use recycled plastic for all their products! 

They come in 3 official formulations. (Seriously, they should expand the line!) I purchased the Chamomile as I gravitate towards products with real natural ingredients and wanted something to soothe my winter-chapped lips. The results have been phenomenal and I’m almost out. Fortunately, Olivella graciously sent me the other scents to review. Thank you Olivella! 

The Mint is very refreshing containing both olive and mint oils. The oils aren’t greasy and absorb quickly leaving your lips soft. I’ve been using it regularly and as my lip prep before swatching lipstick. You can see in my recent posts just how well it works. In the picture below, is the oil applied on my bare lips.

The Limoncello is the citrus version. It has a refreshing citrus aroma and yes, real citrus oils and is delightful to use. The metal ball creates a cooling effect as you apply the product. I’ve noticed that the plastic ring around it on these two had some rough edges something to be aware of as you apply. The first one didn’t have that. Hopefully it’s just a small batch that has that otherwise I am excited to have these lip care products during this winter time. It has been brutal with indoor heating and matte finishes can be cruel on your lips.

Metal roller ball creates cooling effect on lips.
You can purchase the Olivella Roll-Ons at Ulta online. They are only $5.99! A bargain for a phenom product. You get 0.33 fl. oz/10ml of product and it’s real, good natural schtuff for your lips. I haven’t spotted Olivella products at Ulta yet in-person but I’m sure they’ll be popping up eventually. You can also purchase Olivella products on their website: and check out their Instagram: @olivellaskincare.

Let me know how you like these. I’ve already heard from some on how their lips are softer than ever.

Stay sweet lovelies!~Duchess

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Disclaimer: Products (Mint and Limoncello) were sent for review. Chamomile was purchased. All opinions are my own.

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