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A collection of 29 permanent shades.


After a long hiatus, I have returned to le blog! And it looks like M.A.C. has done their homework by paying attention to the trends on social media. There are quite a few colors here that originated from indie makeup brands. But I love the fact that M.A.C. has released their version of them and made them permanent too!

The List:

  • Frosting: Pure white (Matte)
  • Lazy Lullaby: White lavender purple (Matte)
  • Love & Cherished: Creamy light purple (Cremesheen)
  • Dreampot: Light candy blue (Matte)
  • Dew: Creamy purply blue (Satin)
  • Lavender Jade: Dirty mauve with gold pearl (Matte)
  • Gold XIXI: Lemony pastel yellow (Lustre)
  • Highlights: Very pale creamy peach (Lustre)
  • Nifty Neon: Orange (Amplified)
  • Breathing Fire: Bright warm fuchsia (Matte)
  • 4EVA: Creamy light purple (Matte)
  • Really Me: Muted neutral pink (Matte)
  • Deep Rooted: Brown taupe (Matte)
  • Mangrove: Hot, bright red (Matte)
  • Red Rock: Classic clean red (Matte)
  • Punk Couture: Deep blackened grape (Matte)
  • Lightly Charred: Cool grey (Matte)
  • In My Fashion: Darkened chocolate brown (Matte)
  • In The Spirit: Pure black (Matte)
  • Time to Shine: Silver with white pearl (Frost)
  • Pick Me, Pick Me!: Muted lavender with pink pearl (Frost)
  • Soft Hint: Candy blue with blue pearl (Frost)
  • Spoiled Fabulous: Metallic gold (Frost)
  • Pink, You Think?: Hot neon pink with blue pearl (Frost)
  • Wild Extract: Lime green with electric pearl (Frost)
  • No Interruptions: Muted gold pearl (Frost)
  • Designer Blue: High metallic deep ocean blue (Frost)
  • Model Behavior: Clean violet with blue pearl (Frost)
  • On and On: Deep purple with blue pearl (Frost)

I managed to get 3 of them: 4EVA, Dew and Dreampot. Trust me, I’m salivating over all of them including the frost colors which are still listed as ‘coming soon’ on the M.A.C. site.

Did You Know?


Back in 2013, M.A.C. released a small collection of 4 nudes and 4 metallic lipsticks called “The Nudes and Metallics”. It was never as popular as the other collections released in that year however many of the metallic shades we’re seeing now are trending!

The Cool Fab Trio


My first three picks: 4EVA and Dreampot are Matte lippies while Dew is a Satin finish. I must confess, I’m slowly weaning myself away from liquid lipsticks. Yep you heard that correct. Companies have come out with them left and right that they’ve surpassed the population of the earth!

I’m being facetious but at times the amount of products released has become OVERWHELMING. They also don’t have a tremendously long shelf life. The more expensive ones such as ABH have a 6 month expiration from the time you open them. Plus the drier texture isn’t fun in the long-term for lips. Regardless of how much I exfoliate or moisturize, my lips do take a toll from wearing these formulations. If you haven’t noticed that liquid lipsticks look better on botoxed (filled lips) as the filling virtually eliminates the natural lip lines which liquid lipsticks (mattes) almost always emphasize. Reason why the formulation looks so dry and crusty on non-botoxed lips. I’ve already reviewed several brands and there are my personal favs that don’t do that as much such as Lime Crime, M.A.C. and Milani (OG formula). Lime Crime always make my lips soft and feel velvety after wearing them. I’m going to use up what I have but stick to the lipstick bullet and try not to buy another liquid. Wish me luck!

M.A.C. “4EVA” Matte Creamy Light Purple lipstick

4EVA went on smooth and the color is gorgeous. The cult-fav Heroine leans more pink-purple which made it very flattering on all skin tones. I love this true purple shade tho, it reminds me of others that I have in my collection and that were featured in the “30 Days of Purple Lipstick” collab. I’m glad M.A.C. added a true purple to their permanent line.

M.A.C. “Dew” Satin Creamy Purply Blue lipstick

Dew went on smoothly but I had to swipe a bit to get the Satin color going. It still looks opaque and it’s one of my favs. It’s a lovely, soft purple-blue. Kinda reminded me of Lime Crime’s “Teacup” but leans more purple.

M.A.C. “Dreampot” Matte Light Candy Blue lipstick

Dreampot went on patchy and felt drier. You can see the unevenness in my pic. The formulation could use improvement but I love the color. It reminds me of the cult indie classic, “No She Didn’t” (discontinued) by Lime Crime. Which, btw went on smoothly and fully opaque.

So there they are! All of the colors above do stain your lips. I’m left with a pink tint on my lips. So what do you think of this collection? Got any that pulls at your heartstrings?

Stay sweet lovelies!


9 thoughts on “M.A.C. Bangin’ Brilliant Lipsticks – Part 1

  1. I ended up with those same colors and then went back for punk couture 😩. Now mind you I’m an nw47 so I can’t wear them straight out the tube with exception to 4eva, but baby dew with a periwinkle blue or deep purple liner is beautiful! So happy mac released these, im about tired of liquid lippies too and just put nearly all my jeffree star, kat von d, and abh colors in a big bag to give away or toss. I miss glossy lips. Now all mac has to do is re-release lollipop loving and I’ll be happy for life!

    1. πŸ˜‚I’m glad I’m not the only one. Watching them slowly dry up. Spent a min-fortune on them. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new Mac frosts! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  2. I own 225 lip colors and (yes really) I do not own a single MAC lipstick. Im about ready to change that with “Dew”… It’s just such a unique periwinkle / pale cornflower blue and all I see are sky blues when it comes to light blues. The most similar ones I can find are Lime Crime’s Teacup, one I can’t remember the name of by Sephora and Panatone Universe and Nyx Earl Grey. But they’re not quite there…..and this is SO gorgeous….I just don’t know if I can finny justify spending for an expensive Lippie!

      1. Yes im on the fence with MAC because they’re not cruelty free (well they say they are because they don’t personally test on animals but their products get tested by china? It’s complicated I think) so ive never gone for it with one of their products.

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