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Demeter Fragrance Library

Simple, Subtle, Singular Scents.

Personal Fav: Thunderstorm. Yes, it does smell like a thunderstorm.

I’m a fragrance fiend. I have lots and lots of perfumes, oils and scents in general. My experience with Demeter started when I discovered it years ago at a local apothecary here in Chicago. The names tickled me: “Play-Doh”, “Fresh Laundromat”, “Martini”…just to name a few. And the scents were spot-on to the names. Like, wow that does smell like dirt. I started off with “Baby Powder”, “Dirt” and “Fig Leaf” (not pictured). They are not overpowering scents in general. I tend to gravitate towards fresh scents that are soapy and clean. I also like singular floral scents and food scents such as violet and almond. But I like other fragrances that don’t even fall into those categories that are woodsy and intense like Tom Ford Velvet Orchid. Basically whatever works with my skin pH and just wears well on me after I spray it on. It’s taken years to find stuff so the process is not overnight—at least for me—having accumulated vintage fragrances in the process.

I wanted to expand my collection of Demeter fragrances. What’s great about Demeter is that you can purchase the sample 0.10 ounce vial of fragrances you are interested in for just $3.00. They offer the fragrance in bigger sizes as well as roll-on perfume oils, body lotions, shower gels, massage oils, atmosphere sprays and diffuser oils.

They have over 300 fragrances so it can be overwhelming. Best bet is to go with scents you normally like to wear. So if you’re a floral person, try the floral scents. If you like citrus scents, go with citrus and then branch out and experiment from there. Their whole philosophy is that scent is tied to memories. So scent is a “personal emotional response associated with that smell”. That’s why their library consists of isolated scents. You can layer and mix scents to create a unique blend of your own. They even offer sets (duos and trios) to start you out. Not only that but they offer savings for first orders (code is on their site) and a free 1 ounce cologne spray with purchase of $30+. At the time of this blog posting, the free gift is PEACH. Their scent collections include the Classics, Naturals, Orchid, Destination, White Musk, Elvira, Tootsie and Zombie scents. You can check out their fragrances here: There’s also a 100% money back guarantee and their customer service has been excellent.

My personal fav is Thunderstorm. It smells like a Thunderstorm and if you’re familiar with their other scents, it’s like a mix of Snow and Dirt in there too. It definitely comforts me.


Pictured Above:

  • Thunderstorm: transports you to the rain and thunder outside (mix of snow and dirt scents)
  • Tomato: just like a tomato freshly picked off the vine or when you rub a tomato leaf
  • Violet: real violet flower in nature
  • Twilight: red ginger orchid and midnight orchid with amber and oud wood with yuza, pink grapefruit and jasmine
  • Peony: just like my peonies in the garden; intense
  • Pure Soap: (one of their popular scents) inspired by Ivory, pure, unscented soap. When it dries down on me, it smells like Camay
  • Almond: true sweet almond
  • Lilac: just like my lilac bush on a cool spring day
  • Lily of the Valley: just like you’re holding a sprig of lily
  • Linden (freebie): just like the fresh flowers from the linden tree

Pictured Above:

  • Ireland: like Irish Spring soap!
  • Clean Skin: (one of their popular scents) blend of orange, lemon, white rose, bergamot peach and vanilla
  • Snow: yes snow has a scent. Just get the sampler!
  • Sushi: citrus, ginger, vinegar, seaweed. Not crazy at all!
  • Bamboo: delicate green fresh scent (a great replacement to the discontinued Yves Rocher Bamboo)
  • Frankincense: true, woody and fragrant. It reminds me of Opium in a way and other classic fragrances. Used as a base in many perfumes.
  • Musk #15: from the White Musk collection. Warmer with peach blossom, lemon, strawberry, lily of the valley, rose, geranium and jasmine, tonk a bean and moss.
  • Sunshine: vanilla and citrus, it really does smell like a sunny day
  • Patchouli: natural and fragrant, spicy
  • Earl Grey Tea: citrus bergamot, divine!
  • Thunderstorm: my fav ~see above
  • Honey: very sweet and rich like raw honey in a jar (freebie)
  • Fuzzy Navel: just like the peachy drink (not pictured)

From Featured Image:

  • Dirt: just like potting soil (goes great with grass)
  • Baby Powder: better than actual baby powder and safer too
  • Fig Leaf: (not pictured) a cheaper but just as good & better version of the Jo Malone fig scent

I hope my fragrance post helped those of you who were curious about Demeter! Some scents tend to last most of the day while others fade. Overall, there’s something for everyone and it’s fun collection to explore. I’d love to hear from you on what your favs are or what you did get if you decide to order and your experiences with the fragrances.

Stay sweet lovelies!




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