Bite Beauty Lavender Jam

Lavender Jam

Just a quick post about this lovely lippie.

It was the lippie I should have gotten when I went to that special event at Sephora not too long ago.

Well it’s perfect in color and the citrus scent is growing on me. Quite refreshing on a very hot day. The scent doesn’t stay and I thankfully have A/c, so the lipstick is not in danger of melting.

Bite is a very comfortable lipstick to wear. While I love their discontinued Luminous Creme formula, the Amuse Bouche feels smooth going on and is very pigmented. Not much swiping was needed.


Lavender Jam

Gorgeous isn’t it? 

Well I’m set for tonight. I can go see Independence Day.

My lips are fierce even for aliens.

Stay sweet lovelies!


6 thoughts on “Bite Beauty Lavender Jam

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