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I’ve heard not-so-good reviews about the Lorac Pro 3 palette. (It’s the third addition to the Pro line.) Mostly it being “Meh”. Me however, being a long-time Lorac fan since their time of the single eyeshadows (I have quite a bit used in my makeup kit when I freelanced) and being able to buy them at Sephora (remember that?), I naturally had to get this palette. While it is one of the more misunderstood eyeshadow formulas out there being that the product kicks up lots of powder. It really is a buttery, highly pigmented formula that you only need a “smidgeon” on your brush. A little goes a long way.

I’ve been using it for about a couple weeks now. I’ve been using it for just natural, simple color on the eye when I do wear eyeshadow. No Instagram looks here as my eyes get dry wearing multifocal lenses, so I can’t wear heavy eye products 24/7. Nevertheless I appreciate the soft, feminine feel of the palette. It’s for lovers of the neutral palette. It’s basically warm-toned with Terracotta and Amethyst added as a contrast to the neutral shades. Those 2 shades pop out at me. Medallion proved to be chunky but workable with a damp flat brush sprayed with M.A.C. Fix+.

Sometimes I use my fingers instead of brushes. Lazy I guess. I did wash my brushes and it’s super late for me. It’s a quickie that works. For the lid I patted on Pink Nude then added Cool Taupe on the outer and Blanc on brow bone. Finished with some Mac Dipdown and the M.A.C. Brunette Brow Pencil. Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara (which I actually like. First time finally trying the trial tube I had like forever.) Curled the lashes at bit. My eyes were watering… anyway I like going natural as possible currently.

Blanc, Pink Nude and Cool Taupe


Blanc (matte off-white) and Canvas (matte beige) are solid mattes that work well for the browbone. Lt. Gold (shimmer gold) is a shimmer that can work for the browbone or the lid. Almond Pearl (light taupe shimmer) is a good transition or lid shade. Really you can use these shadows any way you want.


Cool Taupe (matte medium taupe) is a good crease color. Pink Nude (matte warm pink cream) is a pretty lid color. Medallion (glitter bronze) works well on the lids when foiled. Lt. Pewter (medium taupe shimmer) is slightly darker than Almond Pearl.


Clay (matte rosy brown) and Terracotta (matte muted apricot). Amethyst (shimmer burgundy) and Rose Bronze (deep rose gold).


Dk. Brown (matte) and Jet Black (matte) – Lorac really makes a great matte black eyeshadow. Very pigmented even with a small amount on the brush. They were the first eyeshadows I used to create a smokey eye! Dk. Mocha (shimmer dark brown) and Truffle (shimmer charcoal grey).

Here’s another play of these shadows (with brushes). I managed to get my eyebrows threaded today so they don’t look as raggedy as they do in this shot. Done late at night on super tired eyes! And probably needs mo’ blendin’. But it looked great as is. The light really illuminates every detail a bit too much.

Jet Black, Terracotta, Medallion and Blanc.
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