Lipsticks of Yesteryear


So many lipsticks come out, it’s easy to forget the lippies that were once hot. In some cases they still are mainly because it takes a while to acquire them and others have been sadly discontinued. I just happen to be working through my archives and found some nice colors.

Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin (OG)
ABH Vintage
Dose of Colors Stone
ABH Milkshake
Colourpop Tootsie
Lime Crime Cashmere
ABH Pure Hollywood
ABH Lovely
Sephora Marvelous Mauve
Smashbox Mauve Matte
Wet’nWild Bare it All
M.A.C. Fresh Brew
Bite Cava (discontinued)
NARS Raquel
M.A.C. Velvet Teddy

What are your Lippies of Yesteryear?

Stay Sweet Lovelies!


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