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Bobbi Brown

Luxe Lip Color

Parisian Red: true yellow red

0.13 oz., $35.00

Infused with Vitamins C, E and MaxiLip, a peptide lip plumper.

Parisian Red: a true yellow red

Sooo, is it worth paying $35? Actually yes and no. If you’re a fan of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, this lipstick is a step-up from her traditional bullet line with the classic semi-matte finish. The Luxe Lip Color packaging and presentation are super luxe. All colors are very rich, creamy and highly-pigmented. You won’t have any problems getting this on. The formula is moisturizing and leaves lips with a soft shine. It applies like a dream, and it’s non-sticky and unscented. It hugs the lips, smoothes out lines and there is no need to blot. A 1-swipe formula a la Nars. The formula boasts of being infused with vitamins C and E and has a peptide lip plumper too. My lips felt super comfortable and the color I choose amplified my lips. Yellow reds really brighten up the face which is why I like to wear them.

Full of Color and Full of Moisture

If you have a favorite color you like to wear daily, definitely get at least one. You’ll get the benefits of long-wear lipstick and moisturized lips. Bobbi Brown’s stuff ain’t cheap in general but you do get quality products.

Luxe Lip Treat

If you have a ton of creamy yellow reds, this color may be a pass for you. However the line has 38 colors (9 of them being new shades), so there may be one that might become your holy grail! I’m eyeing some colors myself to add. These are a nice lip treat from wearing liquid lipsticks. While the price is hefty, it’s up there with my Nars Audacious. Bobbi did her own version and I think they’re great.

  • Almost Bare: a soft beige
  • Atomic Orange: a bright yellow orange
  • Baby Peach: a bright peach coral
  • Bahama Brown: a pinky brown
  • Bellini: a pale, pinky peach
  • Bond: a medium plum brown
  • Bright Peony: a bright yellow pink
  • Brocade: a bright purple plum
  • Downtown Plum: a neutral brown berry
  • Flame: a bright, reddish coral
  • Hibiscus: a plum wine
  • Hot Rose: a fuchsia pink
  • Imperial Red: a deep, bright red
  • Mod: a pale yellow beige
  • Neutral Rose: a neutral pinky rose
  • Pale Coral: a midtone coral cream
  • Pale Mauve: a light pinky mauve
  • Parisian Red: a true yellow red
  • Pink Buff: a creamy nude
  • Pink Cloud: a pale pink
  • Pink Guava: a pink tangerine
  • Pink Nude: a pale nude pink
  • Pink Sand: a pale yellow pink
  • Plum Brandy: a deep purple plum
  • Posh Pink: a creamy violet pink
  • Raspberry Pink: a bright blue fuchsia
  • Red Berry: a deep red berry
  • Red Velvet: a deep rich red
  • Retro Coral: a pale pink coral
  • Retro Red: a blue red
  • Russian Doll: a rosy red
  • Soft Berry: a neutral rose berry
  • Spring Pink: a true pink
  • Sunset Orange: a bright red orange
  • Tahiti Pink: a bright orange, pink
  • Uber Beige: a sandy-toned neutral
  • Uber Rose: a mid-tone, true rose
  • Your Majesty: a bordeaux red
Une rouge tres belle, vraiment!

Tried any Bobbi Brown lippies lately?

Stay Sweet Lovelies!


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