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A Fun Sparkly Palette

This is a fun palette. I only have a couple of Urban Decay Moondust shadows but I jumped at getting this palette when I first heard about it. They are 8 new Moondust colors. And I haven’t been wearing much of anything else except for this and the Lorac Pro3 lately. I mean, it’s glitter, it’s summer, why not? Life is too short not to sparkle. The shadows are very beautiful and have super diamond-like sparkle. They make your eyes pop and the shadows last all day.

The box that it comes in has holo embossed print and all the names of the shadows on the back. The case itself is sturdy and sized just right. Inside is a full-size mirror and the names of the shadows are printed underneath each circle.

8 Moondust Sparklers!

While Urban Decay suggests using your fingers to apply (no problem there for me), I actually have been using my Too Faced Glitter Glue and patting on the color using a flat brush. I either wear one color on the lid or in combination. My fav combo right now is Specter with Element (and a bit of Lorac Almond Pearl and Blanc)

Moondust: back of packaging.

8 Sparkle Eyeshadows

  • Specter: soft pink with tonal sparkle
  • Element: peach with pink shift and sparkle
  • Magnetic: purple with blue sparkle
  • Lightyear: vibrant green with tonal sparkle
  • Granite: black with multicolored sparkle
  • Lithium: brown with iridescent 3-d sparkle
  • Vega: bright blue with tonal sparkle
  • Galaxy: smoky blue-gray with iridescent 3-d sparkle


Swatches in Outdoor Light.

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To get a better idea of the sparkle, I took more pics of my arm swatches indoors (see slideshow above). Of course, it’s always better in person!

My fabulously generic eye look. Just glitter, mascara and some shimmer cream from the Lorac.

The palette retails for $49. I was able to pick it up at Ulta. I figure one could always wait to see if Urban Decay slashes the price on this palette but I’m thinking they’re not. Either way, I think this is a fun palette to have that works great as a standalone or complimentary.

What do you think of Urban Decay’s Moondust Palette?

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