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I’ve been wanting to try this cleanser for quite some time. I use a variety of cleansers but I do like a good foamy one that doesn’t dry the skin. The Marine Bright Formula Cleanser is full of good ingredients too.

It contains:

  • Caffeine -stimulates and perks up skin
  • Tourmaline – energizes skin and gives radiance
  • Cucumber – reduces swelling and puffiness
  • Silk Powder – protect skin’s natural moisture
  • Mulberry Root – whitening
  • Apple -antioxidant
  • Grape – antioxidant
  • Aria – firming peptide
  • Sea Whip – calms skin
  • Palmaria – seaweed that tones skin
  • Rice Brain – deep moisturization (Vitamin E and fatty acids)
  • Algae – skin lightening
  • Gentian Root – anti-aging
  • Murumuru Seed Butter – youth enhancer
  • Scutellaria – skin restoring nutrient
  • Glycerin – attracts moisture
  • Paraben and SLS-free!

You only need a small amount to get a creamy, foamy lather that takes everything off. I usually use a makeup wipe before washing but I have been using it with my Clarisonic and/or Honest Beauty Konjac sponge and it melts makeup right off. It doesn’t sting my eyes either and has a very light, pleasant scent. My skin feels soft and smooth afterwards with no residue.

While it’s not my number one cleanser at the moment —my fave has always been Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Foaming Cleanser— I think this is a great addition to the other skin cleansing products I alternate with being the Mac Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and Mac Cleanse-Off Oil.

If you need a good makeup remover that foams and is gentle and softens the skin, check this one out. If you’re cautious about skin care products because of sensitivity, I’d ask for a sample at the M.A.C. counter and test it out.

This cleanser retails for $28.00 on

Stay Sweet Lovelies!


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