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Super Intense Matte

Well I’ve finally gotten to trying the Mega Matte finish Vice lipsticks from Urban Decay! They’re not drying as I had thought (must have gotten a bad sample of 714) but these feel great on the lips. Very much like a Mac Matte but unscented. This review will focus on three colors, two of them being Sephora Exclusives: Pandemonium, Vanity Kills (SE) and Oblivion (SE).

UD Vice Lipstick in Oblivion (SE): Mega Matte Gray-Taupe

Oblivion is a Sephora Exclusive. It’s a Mega Matte Gray-Taupe color. It looks like many of the greige trending lipsticks like Lime Crime’s Cult Classic Cashmere and Mac’s new Really Me lipstick. That was the one I thought looking very similar to this (admittedly I prefer the Mac one).


The second color is Pandemonium. It’s a Mega Matte Bright Purple. Shockingly bright, it reminded me of Lime Crime discontinued Pansy and Mac Heroine. This is Urban Decay’s version of it but this is insanely pigmented. Remember when Heroine was the only purple lippie out there and it was selling for $$ on eBay? Well now this color is thankfully everywhere and you don’t have to pay inflated seller prices.

UD Vice Lipstick in Oblivion (SE): Mega Matte Gray-Taupe


UD Vice Lipstick in Oblivion (SE): Mega Matte Gray-Taupe

The third color is Vanity Kills. It’s a Mega Matte Lavender. It reminded me of Lime Crime’s Rave, Lime Crime’s discontinued Airborne Unicorn, Jeffrey Star’s Blow Pony, NYX Lavender, Mac Lavender Jade (OG),  and many others. I did a 30 Days of Purple Lipstick series on my Instagram, so I’ll be adding these to my ever-growing collection.

UD Vice Lipstick in Oblivion (SE): Mega Matte Gray-Taupe
So which Mega Mattes shades are you loving and wanting to get?

Stay Sweet Lovelies!

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