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There really is nothing new in makeup today.

It’s all cyclical. What was hot three, five, ten or even twenty years ago gets re-promoted. Now it’s just hyped on social media and there’s even more to choose from than ever before.

Now in this post I’m talking about trends.

There are products that come out that are revolutionary or groundbreaking. Don’t get me wrong.

Certainly when Max Factor came out with pancake makeup or when the first tube of lipstick was invented (often credited to Maurice Levy but many others have contributed to the evolution of lipstick throughout history).


However if you’ve been fluttering around makeup social media for quite some time, glitter lips are definitely not new, but now are experiencing hype with new products that offer “the look” in prepackaged kits. Perhaps that’s the “revolutionary” part in that it’s made it’s way to the mainstream market (making what MUAs, pros and others who already know how to create it with products they have in their kit and you might too). The products I see being marketed currently are pricey even for the average makeup lover. But you don’t really need to break the bank to create a bomb glittah lip.


I resurrected some buried makeup products from 2012. Yep 2012. You’ll notice some finely milled Martha Stewart craft glitter (which if used on the lips and nails is perfectly fine; not eye safe though), vintage Tony & Tina, M.A.C. Glitter, and Lit Cosmetics glitter.

Red Glittah!

I lined my lips with M.A.C. Cherry and filled in with Urban Decay’s 714. I remember buying the red glitter called Kiss because back then I was into red glitter lips, red glitter eyes, red glitter nails and red glitter in general. (I checked their site and they still carry this glitter shade.) 

I used the Lit Clearly Liquid Glitter Base and applied the glitter on top. Lit Cosmetics glitters are great in that they make eye-safe glitters and a huge assortment to play with. The Kiss colour is a blue-based red and a size #2 which is the small cut. They come is four cuts and three textures.


  1. Size #1 = Micro cut (.002 x .002)
  2. Size #2 = Small cut (.004 x .004)
  3. Size #3 = Medium cut (.008 x .008)
  4. Size #4 = Large cut (.015 x .015)


  1. Holographic: solid glitter that reflects all primary colors
  2. Shimmer: translucent glitter that reflects rainbow halo
  3. Solid: solid color with no multi-color reflection

You can get a set (base, brush and glitter) for as little as $22 and individual glitters are $16. They’re sold at Sephora, Beautylish and their own website which has everything. If you want to save even more, craft glitters cost anywhere from $10-$20 and they come in packages of 12 or 24 colors. Add clear lipgloss, red lipstick and liner which is in most everyone’s makeup bag and there you have it.

To get more pop in my photos I added some Bobbi Brown clear lipgloss. Now we have more sparkle and the classic dripping-in-red-glitter Instagram lips and several lip poses to boot (I see new memes coming…).

I’m still wearing this concoction but I could have done without the lipgloss. Well only for the purpose of taking that shot. Anyway, enjoy. See now you saved some moolah and can buy even more makeup with saved moolah!

Even I had to go digging for this one!

To see my old glitter lip posts, you can always scroll down my IG (it’ll take you awhile) or visit my old blog.

Stay Glittery Lovelies! Like hell yea.


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