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Air Cushion Lipstick

This is a super soft lipstick in powder form. I was surprised that it left my lips soft. The effect it gives is the “diffused lip look”Β which is a popular Korean lip trend. The whole idea behind air cushion makeup is it’s multi-functionality, lightweight feel and that it gives a natural makeup look.


The color I received was #01 which is a soft natural pink. I’ve used powder lipsticks a long time ago. However, I love the fact that this product is very convenient. The tube is sleek and you twist it open to reveal a pointed tip with powder. There is no mess and it’s easy to apply. If you need more, you simply place the applicator back into the well to reload with powder. I only needed to do this once.

Since this is a powder, it can also double as a cheek blush. I haven’t tried that yet but I can see just how convenient it would be to carry this around for lips and cheeks if you were going for simple makeup.

Voila! Soft pink lips!

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