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Are you an X-File Fan? Ever wonder what lipstick Agent Scully was wearing?
It’s theoretically possible to quantify it.

I’m an avid fan of the X-Files. I watched it back in the 90s. I still watch it on Netflix. There’s a sense of nostalgia there for me. I loved the 90s. Since I have been looking closely at Dana Scully’s lipstick, I decided to do some research.

Her makeup artist on the show, Laverne Basham used a lipliner, balm and lipstick. The products have long since been discontinued but are the classic Scully look.

The products she used:

  • Mac in Shhh: sheer pink-red  (discontinued)
  • Philosophy Passion Lip Stain (discontinued)
  • Chanel Aqua Crayon in Cognac: orangey brown (discontinued)
  • Aveda Lip Saver SPF15

Agent Scully’s lipstick does change over the course of nine seasons. Sometimes her lips looked like it had a sheer pink-red stain or sheen, sometimes it looked like just plain old lip balm, other times a dark ginger shimmer color, and a 90s soft brown-red.

Chanel Cognac?
Dark red matte. Bold.
Classic Scully: This looks like Mac Shhh.
A ginger shimmer.

There are products on the market that can mimic the look. You can try these and you’ll get pretty close. I’ve noticed that Lancome still makes the kind of color and finish she was wearing. Also drugstore brands like Revlon still have classic colors from decades ago.

  • Revlon Toast of New York: burnt red with brown, orange undertones
  • Revlon Rum Raisin: soft burnt red-brown
  • Revlon Coffee Bean: warm pearl brown
  • Revlon Abstract Orange: autumn deep pearl orange
  • Lancome Oh La La: metallic golden raspberry rose. (still available on Lancome)
  • Nars Walkyrie: warm coral red cream (matte)
  • WNW Sandstorm/Cinnamon Toast: one is lighter warm brown/other is darker w/red
  • L’Oreal Cinnamon Toast: warm brown nude
We’re getting close. That looks like something I have.

Lancome Sugared Maple (Sheen) was part of a gift with purchase. I came across it and was like. This. Is. It. For me, it’s what I’ve been staring at during Season 5 and was ‘I have that color, I have that color’.


If you’ve discovered something that works, please post below.


The truth lipstick is out there.

I want to believe.

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