LIPHOP Wine Liptint – Born Pretty

This is about the cutest lipstick design ever. Imagine pulling this out of your purse as your friends expect you to take a swig only to reveal a pretty lipstick wand instead!


Cutest lipstick design ever!

The color I have on is a classic bright red (No. 05). It’s a true liquid that leaves a stain. It’s a light, unscented, highly-pigmented color that dries down to a satin finish. This such a unique product in it’s package design and would make a perfect holiday gift surprise. There is no wine extract in the product but it doesn’t dry out your lips at all. LIPHOP Liptint comes in 6 colors.

  • #1 Bright Pink
  • #2 Bright Coral Pink Red
  • #3 Bright Orange
  • #4 Bright Orange Red
  • #5 Bright Cherry Red
  • #6 Bright Blue Red

LIPHOP Wine Liptint in Bright Cherry Red No. 05


The brush is so soft and the liquid feels light and smooth going on.

It retails for $2.99. You can save 10% by using my offer code: AN1H10 and get all 6 colors at!


Disclaimer: Products(s) featured in this post were sent to me for review. My opinions are my own. Using my offer code helps me to continue doing this and would enable me to host future giveaways in partnership with Born Pretty. Thank you for your support!

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