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The much anticipated M.A.C. Selena collection released today. Of course as with any anticipated M.A.C. collection, there will be internet shopping problems. The site crashed numerous times with gateway timeouts due to the surge of customers trying to add to bag the coveted Limited Edition Selena makeup collection.

For me, I decided to write this commentary on yet another collection release fiasco as I happen to be M.A.C. Pro and did get early access to the collection. However not everything was available and there was a limit of just one. I hesitated like I always do in any hyped up collections. Why you ask?

Reason 1:

Price. Well in the past, Pros got early access but they also got their pro discount. M.A.C. doesn’t offer pros discounts on limited edition collections at release. You do have to wait a month when they do start to discount them and by then some items may not even be available. Initially I was surprised that they did offer early access for M.A.C. Select and Pro members, I guess they were listening to the survey responses!

Update: I did mention I was going to update this post with additional thoughts. I used  to be able to drop money on M.A.C. LE collections and get everything. Now not so much. My priorities have shifted and I only get what I want or need at a significant minimum compared to past purchases. Those of who you have followed me on Instagram since I started know of how difficult it has been for me to get samples from companies. Companies only look at numbers and mine unfortunately hasn’t grown as most other accounts have regardless of the variety of content I create and post. So seeing this entire collection, you’re looking at $300+ and frankly not many people including myself have the extra cash to spend on this. Regardless I am never one to not encourage anyone to do what they want with their money, I wish everyone best of luck in getting the collection. But in the end, for me, most of this stuff ends up on the back of the makeup drawer. Long forgotten. I hope that the memory of Selena lives on beyond makeup and I think she would be excited for the makeup but she would be happier if we were just dancing and singing along to her songs that for a brief moment helps take the pain away of whatever we all have to deal with in our lives.

Reason 2:

The colors are dupes. Literally everyone has a creamy bright red lipstick (or should). And this assumption is directed to the loyal makeup collectors, users and fans. Pro MUAs already have this in their kit. Como La Flor is a red Amplified. It’s the texture of lipstick that was popular during the time Selena was alive. Hence why she wore it. Today, not so much, it smears and actually is one of M.A.C.’s formulas that go rancid fast because of the high moisture content (all my Amplifieds do). If you watched the Desi Perkins Selena transformation video, you’ll notice in the outtakes how her lipstick smeared on her teeth. Your Como La Flor lipstick will smear because it’s not the trendy dry-down matte lipsticks that are the preferred and popular texture.

The idea behind it though? Is more of sentimental value really. As the color was inspired from one of Selena’s actual lipsticks she used as described by her sister Suzette. (Which I’m thinking was probably M.A.C. Red.)  So I can see how getting this lipstick would be more like having something from Selena. A piece of her. A momento. I would have liked to have it for that reason and the fact that I do love red lipstick. Could I live without it tho? Yes I can.

The other lipsticks, Dreaming of You look like M.A.C. Media (dark matte red burgundy) and is also very dupeable. Really the only things I had hoped to get from the collection was the Amor Prohibido, as it looked to be a sheer nude much like Urban Decay’s Sheer Liar and something I would get more mileage out of everyday. The second item was the Bidi Bidi Bom Bom lipglass. I love M.A.C. lipglasses and I have been wearing them a lot lately for the moisture factor and sparkle. The unfortunate thing is that this was an online exclusive and it wasn’t even available to pros.

The rest of the collection was a pass for me. I have all the of the eyeshadows (dupes) and even the Techno Cumbia is a pass. I still have the one from Rihanna’s collection unused. Mascara and liner also. It’s really just about the packaging and the memory of Selena. Which has, through this collection, experienced quite a resurgence in reviving long-time fans and creating many new ones.

I just hope that M.A.C. remedies the situation by doing restocks to make the sold out items available because you know that these items often end up on eBay marked up by scalpers for ridiculous prices. And it shouldn’t be. At the end of the day, it’s just makeup.

I created a meme in response to the frustration. I can see M.A.C. coming out with more collections by celebrities who have long since passed but have played a big role in our music and pop culture. Cha-ching!


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What are you thoughts? Was this collection what you hoped for? Were you able to get what you wanted? There’s the Mariah Holiday collection next…get ready.




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