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Sheen Supreme has been reincarnated into Liptensity!

I knew it! They looked familiar but the packaging is better because the tubes are color-coded to match the shade. I was so sad when they discontinued that line. I bought up all my fave colors like Asian Flower. I’m so glad they brought it back in this reinterpreted and expanded line of colors. I love these lipsticks! It has a bit of the Huggable formula too because these really hug your lips, are more pigmented yet have that Sheen Supreme gel feel. When I tried them on, it was like yes!

Dionysus and Smoked Almond Liptensity

Smoked Almond

The first color is Smoked Almond: Bright Rosebrown. It looks like the trending Leo shade by JSC that was just released and a bunch of other 90s type lippies. Since I haven’t bought any JSC in a while and don’t intend to, this is a great alternate for me and it’s so moisturizing.

Bright rosebrown.


The second color is Dionysus: Deep Plum. It’s a pretty rich wine color perfectly nuanced with hints of berries. I’m so glad I choose this color, it’s the type of color I like to wear come fall weather.

Check this line out especially if you loved Sheen Supreme and Huggable.
I will definitely be getting more colors!

Rock on!

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  1. They look amazing! I stopped by MAC today and I wish I would of tried them. I think smoked almond would be right up my alley! Do you think they’re worth the price?

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