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UPDATE: Mac is restocking Selena. It will be available early January. Sign up on their site to be notified!

Yup anything!

This collection —every piece of it even that matte black shade that everyone has a hundred of— SOLD OUT!

When you get swept up in the madness…

Even though I kept telling myself, I only want one lipstick and that lipglass (which I don’t have), I did manage to get all three lipsticks. All my orders came thru. Whew!

20 years later…

The Lipsticks

I tried on the glaze and it’s a great moisturizing every day lippie. The others I’ll be trying on and updating my IG and this blog post. I tend to take time now trying out stuff. I used to be a swipe and wipe-off repeat offender and my lips suffered for it. Now I like to enjoy the lipstick, get to know it, and bond with it.

Besides that, these are vintage lipsticks. About the only formula that is trending today is the matte Dreaming of You which looks like very other burgundy lippie out there. Trust me you won’t know the difference in low lighting. People will just say they like your dark lipstick or they’ll say “hey that looks like my fave M.A.C. lipstick ever, Diva!”

  • Or Mac Media.
  • Or Maybelline Divine Wine.
  • Or Nars Bette.
  • Or NYX Covet.
  • Or NYX Copenhagen.
  • Or Lime Crime Saint.
  • Or Nars Scarlett Empress.
  • Or Revlon Black Cherry.
  • Or Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb.
  • Or Mac Fixed on Drama.
  • I could go on…but I’ll stop here.

The minute differences become apparent in strong lighting in studio and flash photography. If you’ve gotten these lipsticks they are nostalgic homage to Selena’s legacy. They really aren’t anything unique in and of themselves. They are a part of who Selena was and now you can have her in your makeup drawer and be reminded of her whenever you wear it much like the M.A.C. Marilyn Monroe collection. For more of my initial thoughts, I wrote about them here. Remember they kept Selena’s makeup kit as it was for 20 years. (Shoot I still keep my makeup for even longer…lol). Her sister Suzette took photos of it and sent it to M.A.C. Most probable that Selena had M.A.C. makeup in her kit.

Amor Prohibido

Here’s the first lipstick. This was the one that I said I would wear every day and get a ton of mileage on. You’re right. It’s now in my purse. The texture is soft. And I’ve never really cared for Glaze finishes. I do have a couple. Funny though they are like the Urban Decay Sheers but have a softer texture to them.

Amor Prohibido – Glaze – pinky midtone brown

Como La Flor

…Is my red. OMG. Just drop dead gorgeous. I do love Amplifieds, I do, I do. Even if they go rancid faster than all my other formulas. But this reminds me of the red I would wear out like everyday when I was 19. Although it was an Estee lippie.  There are little micro sparkles in the tube if you look close. One the lips, you don’t see much. Just pure glam!

Como La Flor – Amplified – dirty cherry red

Dreaming of You

Dreaming lof You – Matte – deep wine
No que no?!

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