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Is Black the new Nude?

Oil Slick: sheer black with silver

Quite possibly.

Out of the 9 lipsticks that were released in Urban Decay’s Vintage Capsule Lipstick collection, Oil Slick was the one I choose. Not surprising as it’s not the first time I’ve sheered out my black lipsticks to make them ‘wearable’ during daylight hours.

Sheer Blacks: the New Nude?

It reminded me of M.A.C.’s “Black Night” LE release in the Dark Desires collection of 2015. Sheered out, it’s very much like Oil Slick: a sheer black with silverWhen M.A.C. came out with their Black Friday lippie in 2013, “Hautecore”, I sheered it out using OCC Clear Liptar.

With Oil Slick, I don’t have to sheer out anything. One swipe and I get a soft sheer wash of black. My pink lip undertone comes thru the grayness and makes for an out-of-box ‘nude’. The only problem is when the lip color does wears off —unlike a ‘classic’ nude— it looks odd and you’ll be wanting to check yourself in the mirror.

And if you happen to be fatally exhausted while wearing this lipstick, you might look like you just up and walked out of a morgue.

Either way if you are thinking of picking up something ‘different’ from this collection, I encourage you to check out this color.

Cause this is thriller, thriller night…




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