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Glitter Makes Everything Better

I procrastinated long enough! I finally succumbed and got the mini 5-set of Stay All Day lipsticks and Glitterati, Stila’s new top coat sparkler for matte lipstick. I wanted to wait for the full tube which is rumored to be coming out in the spring but decided I could not hold out until then. Reviewers were giving the top coat a thumbs down saying it interfered with the long-wear of the lipstick. However, on my lips it did not.

Below I’m wearing it on top of Serenata, a gorg taupe beige. If you’re wondering about that color, it’s not in this set but in a 3-piece set that was released for holiday. They have 2 of them. I got the Nude version which is around $20 and can be found along the check-out line at Sephora. Β I’ll be reviewing that set in my next post!

Serenata (taupe beige +Glitterati)

Two New Limited Edition Colors!

Here are swatches of the new colors in the set which are Fresco (warm beige) and Rubino (warm beet red). The others colors are repeats: Patina (mid-tone mauve), Bacca (raspberry red) and Baci (cool-toned pink nude). Since I’ve swatched those colors, I’m going to post them at the end. If you want to see more Stila lippies, follow me onΒ my Instagram or Pinterest!

If you love Stila’s liquid lipstick formula, then you will love this set even if you have the other colors (like me and probably why I hesitated). I would really love if Stila makes their next set with totally new colors. Of course that would have sold out the moment it released!


While this is currently sold out onΒ Some stores may have them. I found mine at the Northbridge Sephora in Chicago. Ulta.comΒ still has these babies in stock as well as

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