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My Holiday Lips Part 1

Thought I’d update the blog with a series I started on IG. Someone asked me whether I had this color. At the moment I did not but decided to go ahead and get it. Not only was it my first Too Faced liquid lipstick purchase but the lippie is peppermint mocha-scented.

The Color

The color is dupeable but it is a pretty holiday raspberry red color. The formula is good. I had initially passed on Too Faced’s initial release of their liquid lipstick simply because I have too many liquid lipsticks in general, they were all dupes of colors I had and I wasn’t too gung-ho about the formula. This wore nicely perhaps because reds tend to fare better in terms of wear and finish in almost every makeup line.

Peppermint Mocha

The scent is spot-on. I didn’t mind it at all. It did not make me sickly and it is very pleasant and fun. You don’t really smell it when wearing but if you lick your lips or even ingest a bit of this lipstick, it is sweet asΒ there’s saccharin in the formula.

Women digest seven pounds of lipstick in their lifetime, might as well sweeten the stuff!

Gold Glitter Topper

I added M.A.C.’s Spoiled Fabulous – aΒ glitter gold lipstick from the Bangin’ Brilliant collection. It is a permanent lipstick. The frost-glitter finish is a perfect topper/transformer over many colors. Bite Beauty hasΒ duos with metallicsΒ and colors. I figure I’d save and just use this as the tube is full-size and I can Back-2-Mac.

Happy Holiday Lips!

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