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Grungy, Muted and Dark!

My Collection of the Retro Matte Liquid Lippies.

Happy Holidays!

2016 is still here with a few days left and another release of new colors for Mac’s Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick line. It was hard gauging the colors based off of severally limited online swatches. They are very muted and dark. Not quite the colors you’d expect around the festive holiday season.

Nevertheless, the formula went on great, wore well on the lips and did not dry them out. I even wound up falling asleep (a short nap) with my lipstick on, and my lips still felt soft. Holiday prep and partying fatigue…

The colors are dupes of existing colors made popular on Instagram by indie makeup brands:

  • So Me reminded my of Lime Crime’s Teddy Bear and JSC Androgyny. I had hoped it would be a nice dusty mauve but I do like it better in comparison.
  • Young Attitude looked like Lime Crime’s Peacock. Although I was hoping it would be more like Melt’s Blow. I applied 1 layer  but up close when illuminated, it looks streaky. (I will update this post with the last swatch of Young Attitude, mine was a bit shoddy.)
  • Chocotease looks like Smashbox’s True Grit and like many of the dark brown lippies from other lines. I was hoping it would look like the Smashbox as I had my eye on it for a while. Not surprising as they’re made in the same factory.
  • Simply Smoked, which I had hoped was the liquid version of the Stone lipstick—cast a green tint on my lips. Um, yea I’ll be sticking to the bullet.

I wish I waited to swatch these in person, because you just don’t really know how they will look like on your skin tone. They all dry down darker than what’s in the tube.

If you’re into dark and muted, these colors might be up your alley. If you have dupes of the colors, you can probably pass on these unless you love the Mac formula and just need more.

Rockin’ da dark side.

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