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I was able to add two more colors. Bienvenue a Fleshstone and Cafe Au Chic!

It was difficult to gauge how these colors would look like on the lips. There are slight variations in the tube but they do dry down darker. Here’s a comparison of Fleshtone, Cafe Au Chic and Simply Smoked. All greyed beiges from light to dark.

Flesh Stone is a greyed neutral brown and the lightest of the bunch. It thankfully doesn’t cast a greenish tint on me and looks like a true light grey. Very nice and this color is limited edition. So when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Cafe Au Chic is a greyed beige. You can tell it’s slightly warmer. I thought it was going to be a LC Cashmere dupe but it’s not. It stands on it’s own and is permanent.

Simply Smoked (reviewed previously) is the darkest of them all. It’s supposed to be like Stone but it’s darker on me and has a greenish hue. Also permanent.

There is one more grey lippie I haven’t got which is Espresso. ThatĀ appears to beĀ the darkest out of the bunch. Limited Edition colors are: Dash O’Spice, Flesh Stone and Chocotease, btw.


They all wear comfortably and leaves my lips soft upon removal. If you’re not feeling the grey lip anymore, these may be a pass for you. However if you’re looking for a shade to fit your muted makeup look, these might be worth checking out.

So which grunge greige lippie are you digging?

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