Twinkle Vox Box

I received these complimentary products from @influenster, all opinions are my own.

  1. Oreo Thins: well they are gone. I like this version even though I like the middle. But the cookies tasted light, so I didn’t feel as guilty eating them. Will purchase a full bag!
  2. Aquation: moisturizing but I’m not into unscented lotions. This may be good for my students tho.
  3. Hill Bros Hot Cocoa: I gave up my Keurig, so I’ll be gifting this k-cups.
  4. Baking Sheets: my daughter is in cookie baking frenzy mode, so I’m sure she’ll enjoy this. She always uses parchment paper for turning out great cookies.
  5. Axe: very masculine scented, not too keen on this obviously. May gift it, unless my manly cat wants it.
  6. NYM Dry Shampoo: again unscented. I do prefer scented but it did perform well. I was able to extend my hair washing for yet another day!
  7. Mascara: lovely wand but I don’t like having too many mascaras open at once. Will try it soon!
  8. Country Crock: they sent a coupon redeemable for a free tub. Alas I had gone grocery shopping and picked up one.  This doesn’t expire yet, so I’ll be using it again in the near future.

There ya have it! My review.

Maybe one day Influenster will send me lipstick, in meantime, stay sweet lovelies!



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