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Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Miracle Diamond Sponge

Real Techniques came out with an innovative beauty sponge. I scored the last one on the shelf at Ulta. The back  of the packaging tells you all the fancy things you can do with it. I found myself using the top flat side and the pointy tip for corners mostly. It works astoundingly well when dry. It’s also pretty sizeable when damp. Time will tell how long the pointed tip will last with constant use however I don’t utilize sponges on a daily basis. RT recommends replacing it every 1-3 months so I guess that gives you an idea of how long it would last with daily use.

Born Pretty Powder Puff Stand Holder / Makeup Sponge Organizer

I received a complimentary sponge holder from Born Pretty that looks like an adorable chick with little chicken feet. It is so cute and practical too. My sponges always bounce around or roll off the vanity. This keeps them pretty secure and they dry faster without touching anything!

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The holder comes in 4 colors: Mint Green, Light Purple, Light Pink or Light Blue. The yellow sponge featured in the photo above is from Mikasa Beauty called the Lemon Drop. I haven’t tried it yet but I will soon and shall post a review along with their other products. PS: it’s very soft!


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