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I was watching my fave episode of Wonder Woman: “Judgement from Outer Space”. It was during her conversation with the alien judge Andros that my eyes zeroed in on her lips. What was that color she was wearing? It obviously wasn’t the red that you’d so often see her in but a dreamy peachy pink shimmer. I had to find out what it was or find products that I had already that could mimic the look.

Are you ready? I found many lippies that could do the job. So here’s the first round consisting of mostly lip glosses. I’ll post additional lippies in part 2.

1) ABH Sunset Strip lipgloss: the perfect shimmery pinky coral with gold reflects.

2) ABH Girly: part of the new 2017 glosses, this one is similar to Sunset Strip just that it has pink reflects.

3) MAC Dazzleglass Steppin’ Out: glittery warm-toned pink.

4) MAC Pinkarat: part of the revamped lipglass line. You could say it’s similar to cult-fave Nymphette but this one has less gold. I think I might be taking this back-to-Mac soon (almost empty!) One of my faves this summer!

5) MAC Nymphette: cult-fave lipglass. It’s MAC’s original lip-gasm (thinks NARS). A shimmery pink gold. Finally back in stock last I checked.

6) LIME CRIME Summer: The moment I saw this, I screamed- Wonder Woman lips! Beautiful peach-pink glitter topper. Part of their release of the new summer 2017 collection.

7) BUXOM Katie: a soft pinky peach. Buxom lip glosses feel oh so good on your lips.

8) BUXOM Karen: light soft shimmer pink. Easily mix with a peachy lip color.

Part 2 coming…

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