Bite Beauty French Press Lip Glosses

When you include anything to do with coffee in your makeup, I’m there. The name of this limited edition collection is French Press Lip Gloss, which so happens to be my current coffee-making method. I just love fresh coffee! So naturally I had to get this. I got the vault (haven’t splurged this much on product in a while) and from what I can see, much of it is getting sold out. It’s available on Bite’s site and Sephora’s ($22).

I posted my initial impression of the lip gloss. I whipped out Salted Caramel and tried it quickly. I was disappointed in the scent. It’s not a wake-me up type of coffee scent. The kind you get when you take a whiff of a bag of coffee beans or freshly ground coffee. It smells rather like the leftover grinds from my french press pot. You know right before you get ready to dump them into your garden for fertilizer. Seriously this is what I do. 😀

So I swatched all of them and I just fell in love with each one. It’s the colors! They are all so very wearable. The descriptions on the site are somewhat misleading. I thought many of the colors would be too dark or just not right for me. I couldn’t decided because I wanted Flat White (pale pink) but that was sold out. Then I looked at the French Press (warm brown) but thought it would be too dark. So I decided to get the whole set and try it out. What could I lose?

As for the scent of coffee, from the ingredient list, they are using arabica cold press coffee oil which accounts for that cold coffee taste. However the coffee butter extract makes lips super soft and smooth and you can feel and see it when you wear them. Figuring that they are an organic beauty brand, they wouldn’t be adding artificial coffee scent to their products. The only other coffee lip product that I love btw, is the coffee lip balm from Cherry Culture. Which I don’t even know if they sell it. But you know when you visit an apothecary and stumble upon those scented lip balms, you’ll probably find a coffee one there.

These are limited edition, so if you love coffee, love the colors of coffee and organic lip gloss, these might be for you.

Swatches are also posted on my swatch page on IG. Please give it a follow. 

You can also find me on Pinterest. I post swatches and other beauty stuff. It’s a work in progress, so you’ll see old stuff and new stuff.

Dirty Chai

Black Coffee

French Press

Creamy Pale Pink

Salted Caramel

Vanilla Latte

Enjoy your coffee.

Stay sweet!


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