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Yes there’s a part 3. Help me Athena!

I am still wearing my version of Wonder Woman Lips. Always in pursuit of that peachy pink or pinky peach lip color she wore in the episode “Judgment from Outer Space”.

Here are colors I’ve been wearing and adding to the list.

1) Nars “Orgasm”- the original lipstick (Peachy pink with shimmer).

I know there’s a summer collection version of this but I haven’t bothered. And I know I’m starting off this blog post with a lipstick but bear with me! This one works. It’s peachy pink with shimmer. Like yea. I tried it with the NYX Shimmer Down Lip Veil in “Peach of My Heart” (peach with pink pearl) on top and bam, there it is!

Mind you, on it’s own, the NYX Lip Veil doesn’t show up at all. So sheer and has a gritty feel. Oddly enough on top of the lipstick, I don’t feel it as much maybe because I’m not pressing my lips together like I do with just the NYX on. And that’s the only one that feels gritty out of all 3 colors I got. Reason why NYX is all over the place with their lip products. So I try to stay away. πŸ˜€

For full swatch glory, follow my swatch page: @lipstickduchess on IG!

2) NYX “Hypernova” Shimmer Down Lip Veil (Rosie pink with gold pearls).

I included this because it looks like Mac Nymphette which is a peachy pink shimmer but more on the frost side. I’ll take it. It can work on top of a pink or peach lipstick. Non-gritty in comparison with the “Peach of My Heart”.


3) Mac “Good Juju” Lipglass (Sunrise pink).

They discontinued my fave Pinkarat! Boo-hoo, I know. But this milky coral pink shimmer gloss, it’ll work. Who knows how long it’ll last before they get rid of it!


4) ABH “Parfait” Lip Gloss (Metallic coral with rose gold finish).

I had this but forgot about it. Happens often. Anyway it looks very coral but does have that rose gold in it. Very pretty.


5) Urban Decay “Fireball” Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lipgloss (Holographic peach with pink sparkle).

When I saw this, I was like “ah-ha!”, I need to get this. It’s pretty on it’s own and no gritty glitter. Plus the mint flavor. Oh and yes I do have the Fireball lipstick but have yet to try it.


6) Too Faced “Fairy Tears” Lip Topper (yellow peach with peach-to-gold pearl).

This was the only thing I got from the Rainbow/Festival collection whatever it’s called. It looked like peachy pink but it has tons of frost in it which looks yellow and settles into lines. I honestly have forgotten about it. But I need to pull it out again. That’s what happens when you find other stuff that works better. Things get pushed to the back of the drawer! The lipstick version may have been better but it turns more pink.


EXTRAS: These lean more towards coral but still work.

7) Lime Crime Siren Metallic Velvetine (Metallic sunset peach gold) + Mac Dazzleglass (use any pink one) on top.

This works so well with a Mac Dazzleglass on top. I really like this combo.


8) WetNWild My Tulips are Sealed Metallic Liquid Lipstick (Peachy pink metallic).

I think this was limited edition but if you have it well then you’ve got WWLips! I forgot how pretty it is. And it’s a dupe for Nars Orgasm.


Great Hera which one should I wear?
Stay sweet!

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