Going Retro with Revlon

When you think of frost lipstick, you think of the 80s.

Could retro frost lipstick be lovable again?

They sure can! While I never wore these shades in the 80s —since my makeup journey didn’t start until the late 80s— these colors are new to me. I’ve always seen them on the shelves beckoning to me and wondered about them. Finally decided to go for it.

I can say they are nice trio of frosts with a silver shimmer undertone.

They wear comfortably almost like a gloss. As a matter of fact I added a bit of gloss on top of these and they looked even better. You can swipe lightly for a lip balm effect. They feel pretty moisturizing too.


Revlon Silver City Pink


Revlon Softsilver Red


Revlon Softsilver Rose

I admit I had hoped one of these would be a potential Wonder Woman Lip. Hmm…

The sparkly gloss on top makes them prettier!


Don’t be afraid to frost it up!

Stay sweet!


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