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I was sent three products for the eyes from One being an eyeshadow primer, the other a tinted eyebrow gel and lastly full magnetic lashes.*

Eyeshadow Primer

In the photos I’m using the eyebrow primer under copious amounts of eyeshadow. It comes in a small pump bottle about 0.20 oz/6ml. It is a clear and unscented gel. I felt no tackiness when applied and it dried fairly quickly. My eyeshadow has stayed put since I’ve applied it several hours ago. Item #42350. (At the time of this blog post, this product is no longer available.)

Tinted Eyebrow Gel

I also used the tinted eyebrow for my brows. I usually have them threaded, so they’re a bit unruly but I decided to go for a ‘Brooke Shields’ look. The bottle unfortunately came defective. I was unable to pump out anything. So I had to open up the bottle to get product out. It’s basically where you pump out product on the back of your hand and use a brush to apply. It’s pretty similar in use to the ABH pomade or the Urban Decay eyebrow kit with wax. I didn’t find it to be a hassle at all. I liked the texture and was able to fill in my brows quickly. The color I used is 02 which is a taupe (dark) brown. There are two other colors: 01 which is a light (warm) brown and 03 which is a black (grey) brown. The 02 works well for me. $2.99USD; item #42349. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE PRODUCT. πŸ™‚

Full Magnetic Lashes

It took some finagling with the magnetic lashes. I’ve only purchased the half ones and they sat somewhat oddly on the eye. I missed that there were instructions inside the box but basically you have to match up the lashes. They both have to curve upwards obviously (see photo below) and you can tell one end where the lashes are shorter then gets longer. I basically placed the first lash on top of my lashes then quickly pressed the other underneath my own lashes. The magnets did the job of sticking together rather quickly. So it was instantaneous which I actually liked. But I did poke one of my eyes with my finger, ouch! So be careful. πŸ˜€

Magnetic lashes sounds easy enough but how do they look?

Well you can see the inner part sits oddly. The only other remedy is to line my eyes all the way into the corner to conceal this. Also I noticed the lashes jutting out a bit so I just used my finger to kinda shimmy them closer to my lash line (hence the poke!). So far I think the effect looks good. Beats having to apply glue and waiting for it to get tacky, etc.

IRL, I have good natural lashes so applying mascara on a daily basis usually does the trick. For me lashes are for special occasions and for those “glam” looks and also something I had to wear for when I was working at Sephora.

Here’s another look:

Both eyes:


There are 8 patterns to choose from and they’re so inexpensive compared to what you pay for at the store. My lashes are style KS02-3; $3.99; item #42512. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE PRODUCT. πŸ™‚

So there ya have it! I’m really digging the eyelashes tho. I think I might get some that are not as glam just to experiment. They are growing on me. The good thing is that they are reusable and you don’t have to apply mascara on them (I would advise that you not). I applied mascara on my natural lashes prior to putting these on which I recommend if you want to keep these in good condition. πŸ™‚

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Last look of the night off the iPhone. (Hate taking pics at night…) but I really don’t want to take off these lashes. πŸ˜†

Be glamorous!
*Disclaimer: this product was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

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