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For what they’re worth, these MAC lip products offer a nice lip treatment and moisture to the lips while giving a subtle hint of color.

I picked up the coral version of the Tendertalk Balms in “Pretty Me Up” (sheer coral); $21.00. I had hoped it would be a coral peach on my lips but it’s more pink. The formula turns into a ‘customized color’ on your lips. Still works great as an everyday lip balm. Soft lips and Mac vanilla. Good alternative to the Dior balms.

The second one I picked up was the Hint of Color Lip Oil in “Doll to Diva” (hot pink tint); $17.00. I had wanted the yellow but that was sold out! This doesn’t turn my lips into a screaming hot pink. Soft lips and a big doe foot applicator in one swipe. My fave out of the two. A staple in my bag.Β Way better than the Milani!

Keep them lips moisturized!


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