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Thanks to a caring friend, I was able to get this set. Since I don’t receive any PR, whatever products I do post are all usually purchased by me. (With the exception of BornPretty.)

ABH SOFT PINK* – blushing pink

I can tell you from the first try of Soft Pink, I was going to return it. It tugged and pulled on my lips. The color did not sit well either and it felt too dry. It doesn’t go smoothly on either. You have to work at it. When it came to my cupid’s bow, it I had to go over it several times as it was pulling at my lips. Not worth the struggle tbh! πŸ˜€


I threw on some lipgloss (Mac Pinkarat is used in all of the swatches), and it was instantly wearable and likeable. The lipstick works better as a creamy finish then a matte on my lips.

Verdict: matte too dry; better creamy.

ABH KISS* – rosy petal pink

This lipstick reminded me of my fave color from Buxom Blushing Margharita, and Mac Honeylove. It didn’t work as a matte but rather as a creamy finish.

Verdict: matte too dry; better creamy.

ABH SPICE* – rosy oak

This lipstick worked as a matte. I was surprised. Ooh! While I struggled to get the color on, I was pleased with the matte finish. My lips didn’t feel like a prune. But of course with gloss, it’s a beautiful shade.

Verdict: matte worked; still better creamy.

ABH DEAD ROSES* – rosy lilac

This lipstick worked as a matte as well. So only two out of the four, I would wear matte. Again when I added gloss, I loved it even more. Look at them both! Wow!

Verdict: matte worked; still better creamy.

So I’ve decided that I’ll be keeping this set. I still don’t think that it’s worth getting a full tube. It’s basically the price of a full tube just that you get 4 colors. Only because after wearing matte lipsticks from other brands, there are better products. The only justification would be liking the shade itself. But I would probably wind up adding gloss just to make it comfortable on my lips anyway.

If you are interested in the ABH Matte lipstick line, this would be a good introduction without breaking the bank.

Faves from this set: Kiss and Dead Roses

*No lipliner used. Applied straight from tube.

Which do you prefer: matte or creamy?

Stay sweet~


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