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This set is a very bright and pigmented assortment of pinks.
(BTW It’s called “Pinks & Berries” but you only get one berry color.)

The set has 4 colors:

  • a mauve pink
  • a berry pink
  • a “Candy Yum Yum”-type pink
  • & a warm pink.

All of the swatches are applied straight from the tube with no lipliner or “fixing edges with a concealer and brush” technique. It is as is.

I didn’t have any lip balm on my lips in the Orchid swatch, so you can see the dryness. There was tugging in application as with the Nudes set. So I decided to add some lip balm (I used vanilla Chapstick) before applying these and the application was smoother. You can see the difference in the remaining swatches. There is a slight sheen thanks to the lip balm. They felt better on the lips too.

The first swatch is Orchid – magenta

A cool-toned medium pink.
Almost like a couple of shades darker than the Cotton Candy.


The second swatch is: Plumeria – plum wine

A nice berry color.
Definitely not a wine shade but a bright berry.


The third swatch is: Stargazer – hibiscus pink

A bright warm pink.
Reminiscent of Mac’s Nicki lippie, remember that?


The fourth swatch is: Cotton Candy – bubblegum pink

A fun Barbie pink.
Mac Candy Yum Yum copycat.


Would I recommend this set? If these are the colors you tend to wear then yes. It’s a good introduction the ABH line but if you have Mac then it’s guaranteed you have dupes to all these colors. Since the lipsticks do have plenty of pigment, they will stain. Out of the four I liked Plumeria and Orchid. If I had to choose between the 2 sets, I would get the Nudes tho since those colors would get the most wear for my daily routine.

So no lip gloss on these! The lip balm worked although these are general first impressions. I didn’t wear these for any length of time. They still have a dryness about them either way. As of this post, I’m wearing Kiss from the Nude set but with gloss on top.

It’s great to try other lipstick formulations but for me, in the end I’ll wind up going back to my trusty HG’s (holy grails).

Do you like ABH lipsticks and what color do you like most?

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