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I was very excited to see this product make a comeback. Honestly I don’t know if they had released a lip powder product since the last time I had seen one was over 30 years ago. It’s part of my makeup history. I still have the darn thing. I’ve never been able to part with it because it was a product that helped me experience the “red lip”. I honestly don’t remember if I ever wore this out probably not because it was too bold for me at the time. I even hit a bit of pan. πŸ˜€ It was probably the first “matte” lip product or a rather crude matte as it’s like applying eyeshadow on your lips. It came with a mirror and sponge applicator.

VINTAGE MAKEUP: Revlon Powder-On Lipcolor in Red Dynamite


Now it’s 2018 and Revlon came out with 2 lip powder palettes in their Electric Shock collection. I got only 1 and they are just as I remember them.

This palette has versatile colors. They are extremely lightweight on the lips. The consistency is soft but not flakey, dusty or chalky. All the swatches below were applied with a finger. (I used the 3rd color from the top for the swatch below.)

You can see the lip powder emphasizes lines much more so than a matte or even some liquid lipsticks. I added gloss to the second swatch. Turned to such a beautiful color!

I did an ombre lip using the three remaining colors and added gloss. I prefer it with gloss as wearing it by itself makes my lips look very dry.


Probably the best application of these lip powders now would be on top of a creamy lip color. In the swatch above, I’m wearing Bite Beauty Demi-Glace cream liquid lipcolor. I dabbed on the gold lip powder to my upper lip. The effect is beautiful. Although nothing new if you’ve added loose pigment to your lipstick to create ombre looks.

This is quite a nostalgic makeup product for me. While I have tons of eyeshadow and loose pigment to highlight my lips, having this brings back memories. I also used those drugstore powder pens for eyeshadow on my lips. remember those?

Now I see several lip powders out on the market: Lorac, Clinique, CLE, Sephora, Maybelline, Chanel, MUFE, Stellar just to name a few all have come out with lip powders. While this may be a new product trend for some, lip powders have been here before and will probably continue to evolve.

Have you tried any lip powders?

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