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I wanted to not buy this. It’s pricey. I think $34 is too much for a brow product. Technically, if you are doing your brows on the daily, you already have what you need to do them. Which is pomade or a pencil and your foundation or concealer. I didn’t find that this made my brows look any better. It is fun to use tho.

It’s gimmicky. It’s genius. Maybe bit of both? Reminiscent of those pens everyone loved and used. The product comes out in a plastic tube. You still have to twist the pen in the middle to get the product to push up to use. Comes in 5 colors. I picked Brown-Light.

Speaking of brow products, I have several I use that gives me the same effect.

  • Mac Brow Pencil
  • ABH Pomade (greater control with brush)
  • UD Brow Kit
  • Mac and ABH Eyebrow Gel (clear and tinted)
  • Bonnie Choice Eyebrow Tinted Gel (not pictured)
  • And my spooly.

I still need to use a spooly with this thing.

I like the concept tho.Β If it was $28 or even less and if you could refill them with your choice of colors, this could be a real gem. Even if it were still $34, include a spooly. I’ll be keeping this tho as I hate to return makeup. It goes into this horrid bin that heads to a landfill or a dumpster to be dived by somebody. Plus I like changing colors with a click. πŸ˜€

Yay or Nay?

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