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If you’re going to get anything for yourself or a bestie during holiday shopping sprees, this set is probably the one to get. As of this posting, it is sold-out on TF but I’m sure they’ll be bringing back. It’s still September for crying out loud! Well they do have it on Sephora and Ulta. It retails for $25.

Fall Appropriate

These colors are fall appropriate and holiday ready. I really love the warm-toned colors of Pumpkin Spice (spiced pumpkin orange) and Hot Buttered Rum (warm milk coffee brown).

The scent is not strong but it is very pleasant. Formula contains ‘avocado oil’ so it feels nice and not drying as their past lippies. These lip products do have stevia, so you can taste sweetness if you do lick your lips before the product dries. Pumpkin Spice tastes like I sipped on pumpkin spice. πŸ˜€


Holiday Ready

Sugar Cookie is a cool pink nude that looks like a Mac fave (Blankety), and Cinnamon Bear is a warm cinnamon red. The swatch I took doesn’t show it. So I’m not happy about that. Going to try to see if I can get another shot and update.


Great little set that won’t hurt your wallet. Also if you do get this, make sure to use it. I just know TF lip products don’t last and these will probably dry out if they just sit around until holiday 2019. I don’t think there’s a ton of product in them in comparison to their full-size but I still think it’s worth it because you have 4 colors to play with and combine too.

Happy Holidays ur, Happy Fall!
Disclaimer: not a sponsored post. All products purchased by me unless otherwise specified.


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