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So I bit the Huda bullet and got the Amethyst Obsessions (Limited Edition). My first purchase ever from this brand ensuring that Ms. Huda will be expanding her Louis Vuitton collection soon. πŸ˜€

I decided to go with this as a supplemental purple palette to the Norvina.Β I forgot how small these palettes were. They’re the size of the palm of my hand roughly but they contain full-size eyeshadows. Overall the palette looks pretty howeverΒ reddish berries and pinks (matte and metallic burgundy; matte mauve, berry and rose) tend to dominate the palette [top row from left to right and left column from top to bottom]. The impactful “purples” are but two. One being a true purple metallic and the other a metallic fuchsia.

Simple Eye Look

I used the matte mauve from the top right corner for crease (had a thin and chalky texture) and applied the shimmer fuchsiaΒ from the bottom right corner for the outer and inner corners (had thick, creamy texture).

20181010-L1170614I originally applied the shimmers with my finger pressing down. It wasn’t pigmented enough but sheer. I decided to use a brush with Mac Fix+ to apply the shimmer. The shimmers performed better with a wet brush pressing down. Several hours later the shimmers on my lid still looked nice and sparkly.

Final Thoughts

While I wasn’t necessarily wowed by this palette, it’s not altogether the worst. I wish there were shade names. When I think of my other palettes that blend easily and are buttery, these are not quite it. It’s a mixed bag. Some colors you would think to be pigmented turn out to be sheer. While others are soft and easy to work with.

My final thoughts are that I look forward to the knockoffs that eventually will come. Even Lorac has a jewel-toned holiday palette and I love their eyeshadow formula way more than this! I’m sure many other brands will follow with versions of their own.

But if any of these gem tones are calling your name, check them out. They might be a nice add to your stash or not.

On the quest for mo’ purple.



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