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This is lipstick for real life not just ring lights.


6 Lipsticks for $28

Very impressed with this set! I had gotten only one lipstick (Oui-cream) from this collection when it was first launched and I didn’t care for it. It smelled like plastic and was unpleasant to use.


I decided I wanted to give them another chance. I never did try the other textures (mattes/metallics) and this set offered both. The mattes are impressive! They go on so smoothly and the pigment does not disappoint. No need for a liner. As for the odor, I didn’t detect anything. Yay!

The set has 4 mattes, 1 cream and 1 metallic.
I love all the colors. Great gift for yourself or a fellow lippie lover.


Midnight Kisses Set

12 Celebrate: matte fuchsia


33 Wanderlust: matte dark plum


22 A Little Magic: matte red


2 Landing in Shanghai: cream nude


51 Festival Lights: metallic bronze


31 Golden Gate: matte berry


So amazing!

Now if they would just come out with more colors and sets. πŸ™‚


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